Friday, November 1, 2013

What didn't get seen at Boar's Head

I had asked Lord Nicolai to run the Boar's Head portion of the weekend. He asked for a prize of feast gear. Millicent and I went shopping and found a plate and bowl. Then I checked with Domina Rafaella and she advised me on the type of paints to get from Blicks to use the oven to set the paint and make it permanent.

 Bowl with Boar Head
 Plate with a boar
Close-up of the boar

Sorry, don't know how to get the phone pics right-side up. Tried bringing it into my normal photo app and it turned it but couldn't save it.

Oh and I found photos of the slipcover for the beverage dispenser:
 Back, I just kind of did an envelope fold and sewed those down.
Front. I think I'll find some fabric to go across the top half of the front to hide it a bit more.Maybe have a flap for the bottom?
The fabric from the side. Fun - huh?

Before Boar's Head at Revels, Friday aka Domina Rafaella had brought a big box of stash yarns that she was re-homing. I got a nice portion of it:

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