Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Increasing finally!

There it is with three of the four setup charts done. Finally at the part where the increases in the front sides start to happen. I'll still be doing that basic pattern in the back center, but from now on, there's increasing going on. Yay!

Dawn-Marie was here and we got two naalbinding needles done for her. She managed to take off a bit of skin on her right finger. Belt sanders, they're blood hungry beasts! Nice blog post on 'qualities of a good needle.'

Some laundry progress. Hair re-colored. It's fall so Garnier Nutrisse's Black Cherry. It gives my hair a few days of a purple tint before it settles down to something very close to my own reddish-brown. Okay, there is less of a hard line of color grow out. ;-) I've tried other brands but they are very drying on my hair. Since the two white streaks showed up in the back of my hair at 19, I've chosen to color. You get tired of people asking if you painted over the weekend and haven't washed the paint out of your hair really quickly.

Tried a coffee bread this morning. It uses leftover coffee as the liquid and some spices. Since I only had half a cup, I went with the small loaf. It also used the left out, expired bread yeast, so may not have risen as high. It wasn't dense, but it is short. Then I also have to remember that we have the rectangular loaf pan that is wide not, tall. The outside crisped up, so the crust is crunchy. I'm also learning that it helps to scrape the sides of the pan while its mixing so that all the flour gets wet. I did a bit with this loaf, but it needed a bit more. 

I like the bread. It's a dark, flavorful bread, good with butter and my cup of coffee. Looking forward to having some with tomorrow's coffee. Might lightly toast it to warm it up, but not too much!
If you're interested in the recipe, let me know.

Someone shared this on Facebook and thought I would share a link here. Star Wars snowflake templates. One of the guys at Brandon's work got one done today. Took a sharp exacto knife and patience. I think he was working on the AT-AT but it was going to take a different knife to cut it out. 

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