Monday, November 4, 2013

Apron and handkerchiefs and an Accadmia

The Baroness' mother had been embroidering "G"s for Queen Gwyneth to have handkerchiefs for those who are emotional when in court. I've been giving them out to be hemmed. I had 11 of them that I tried to get done in time for the Kaldor Ness Accademia the middle of the October. Baroness Cristiana was going to be there teaching a class, and as head of retinue could get them to her.

I was also in the last stretches of getting my hem stitch smocked apron done. I think I mentioned I took the class at An Tir - West War?

I used the internet to get help with the hem stitch once we got back home. I like how it came out. I used this tutorial on how to do the hem stitch. I can't find a good pic of the apron hem with the hem stitch. I've done it on one of the handkerchiefs too, it looks better:

The apron with the smocking all done and the waistband/ties sewn on. I did the honeycomb stitch.

The other handkerchiefs I did with a folded hem that is mitered.  
They are all labeled, but I didn't find Baroness Cristiana after lunch, so wasn't able to get them to her. I heard from Baroness Jill in my Tablet Weaving class that Queen Gwyneth has been inundated with them. So not in a huge hurry to get them to her. I'll try again at the Shire of River's Bend's Autumn Gathering in November.

The Canton of Kaldor Ness had an Accademia over a Saturday and a Sunday. On Saturday, Ignatius and I took a cheesemaking class. It was very interesting and we got yummy samples to bring home. Ignatius says that he'll support my endeavors, but doesn't have a desire to actively participate.

Domina Rafaella had a History of Knitting class that I took to support her. I used the class and the help of Valdemere to frog my Medieval Egyptian Muslim Stockings. I found that I had too many errors trying to throw in diapered diamonds on the fly. I need to chart it out and start over. I think that after I get past the ankle, if I switch to a larger needle that might help too.

These are kind of where I had gotten back to:

The last class of the day was a German Brick Stitch class. I was very tired at that point. Same teacher as the cheesemaking class too. I messed up the pattern and as soon as I can get back to it, I want to practice/finish it. It can be a little pouch flap. 

Ignatius and Millicent spent the rest of their Saturday taking dance classes. My suggestion. ;-) Sunday, Ignatius came in early with me and read until his only class, the last dance class. I had a Tablet Weaving class with Baroness Jill. I need to move it to my tapestry loom to make it easier to to I think. I played with it at Revels, but the cards falling over when I'm doing the weft is frustrating. 

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