Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cranes, baby socks, tv shows and books

I finished up knitting all the cranes I intend to knit on Monday for the knitnotwar project sponsored by Knit-Purl. Here's the pile pre-felting:

99% of them are done out of the leftover Cascade 220 from the Cascade Lizard Ridge blanket. One and a bit were done out of some leftover Malabrigo. Now I just need to sew the little buggers up so they resemble cranes. I hope to drop them off this Wednesday at Knit-Purl. Sewing must commence soon for this to happen!

I attempted last night to take the leftovers from Madi's Tulips Cardi and make a pair of toddler socks for her. Do toddlers have blobs for feet? That's what I ended up with for the sock and I'm not really too sure about it being a 'real' sock:
Not when I look at Michele's example of a baby sock over here.

I watched the show and thought it wasn't that bad, so it was really cool to read that Leverage is going to start filming here in Portland this summer.

Tonight I'm going to the book signing at Powell's for Kim Harrison's new book - White Witch, Black Curse. In order to not have a repeat of last year's experience or last month's with Patricia Briggs, I called Science Fiction Book Club's customer service people and asked about the shipping of my book. I'd had it in with other books and it was the last one to be shipped (same order as the PB book). PB's took six days for it to ship and that would be pushing the likelihood of my receiving Kim's on time. The customer service guy and I had a breakdown in communication I guess. I wanted something faster than the slow method but not 'expedited' that I received. Yup, he shipped my book out so fast that the cover was spinning, no not really but it was 2nd day shipping. I now will have paid the same amount as cover price plus the slow shipping for the book, so no savings like I was trying for with buying through them. I was able to get all 500 pages read (finished late last night) so that's really wild. I'll have last year's book with me so will be caught up with having them all signed though.


  1. I think your sock is cute! I think mine look rather blobby, too, but that's the pattern. I'm curious how the Coriolis will turn out; it looks so cute in the book. Can't do it yet, though; other things call more loudly!

    Good luck with the cranes. I'm spoiled on cranes; knit ones just aren't crisp enough for me. I'm a paper folder. We folded 2000 cranes for our pastor when he was ill with cancer; it was a good project.

  2. The babysock really seems a bit blob-by. Maybe a little less width compared to the foodlength? But as babyfeet are really tiny I'm not that sure about the way a sock should look when lying flat.