Wednesday, February 8, 2012


My friend, Greta is a local dog trainer and her helper dog, Mellie a very smart border collie needs to have knee surgery on one of her back legs. Unfortunately, Greta has had some personal expenses that have drained her savings, so she doesn't have the $4000 needed to get Mellie back to being a functioning dog. Currently, Mellie is forced to stay in her crate so she doesn't cause further injury to her knee. Many of her dog friends and students wanted a way to help out so they requested that she create a Chip In account for Mellie. This account is in Mellie's name and will only be used for the surgery. If you feel like helping her out, great!  If not, I totally understand! Things are tough all over. I know my donation was a pittance to what I would have liked to donate, but every single dollar will help, so I gave what I could.

Greta's dog training web site. You can learn a bit about Mellie here on her Flyball Team page.  See Mellie running Flyball at a Trail Blazer half time show:

She's first at 1:24 and see her tug with Greta at 2:08, she's in there briefly, I think the video was done by a Muddy Paw person. So she's back about the 4:00 minute mark and again at 4:48.

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