Monday, November 25, 2013

Going for the gusto

I'd love to have this cardigan done on Wednesday and be able to wear it to Thanksgiving. Its going to be nice to have, but I'm getting bored. it needs to get done or it won't be done. Know what I mean? ;-)

Night pics of how far I've gotten since last night:
See how the pattern is 'growing'?

Wondering if its going to have enough length. 
The wonderful thing about lace type projects is that they allow for growth through blocking. Of course, its deceptively short right now and making me think that I may want to try to add a 'chart f''. I'm not though.

So as of right now, I'm done with Chart D. Yeah, stayed up late last night and got six rows of Chart C done. Finished the last two rows of it this morning and then started Chart D and worked half of it. Gave myself an hour of LOTRO, then dinner making. Another little bit after dinner and then while catching up on shows we missed last week slogged out the last eight rows of the chart. That's 4008 stitches for the day. 2976 last night. I'm about 81% done according to my math, but it may be off, because I just realized I missed a setup row for the ribbing.

Just twenty-three more rows to go! I'm increasing another thirty-six stitches so each row is 444 stitches, if you want to have some math fun. ;-)

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