Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Slipping Behind

April is over and I got my shawl done on May 2nd. I think ripping it out and starting over may have impacted that goal, along with events on two weekends. Might have been able to use up more of the Malabrigo Lace, but by the time to do the last purl row and then bind off, I just wanted to be done! So I changed the purl bind off to a knit and was done. Not too sure about beading, its time consuming! I do like it at the bottom of the shawl.
 Unblocked and ends to weave in still.
 Closeup of the beads. I used clear and blue ones. I didn't even mind doing the nupps! I went with the 9stitch ones because others said they looked better. 
All blocked out. Lots of depth, not a lot of width.
The depth of the shawl is nice, it just needed to grow some width. The ends just meet in front, so I guess, good shoulder coverage. With the beads would be lovely as a summer cover for an schnazzy evening event. Could also make a nice gift. Will have to see. ;-)

No pics of the polworth I'm spinning. I divided it into three sections and have one bobbin done, started the second last week at spinning. I'm going to give it a whirl at finishing up today. The cotton and the hemp are planned spinning for May. That should wrap the Fair spinning up.

The teddy bear only has a few bits that are knit and will need a lot more work. Working on the Spiderman Blanket yesterday got me a good third of the way done on that project that was also supposed to be done last month....So this week is clean-up before starting on projects intended for this month.

We picked up yard plants and veggie starts this last weekend. We also had dry days to get out and finally get some weeding done. The front yard has less weeds and after yesterday the backyard has less weeds, but needs more weeding done. Hopefully there will also be mowing tonight. I'm investigating bark dust, we're in desperate need of some for the back and front. First though the plants need to go in and some trees need to move. Trying to rope William into digging holes for me. A couple won't be moving but going out, they're dead. I'm almost ready to give up on apricots and peaches for our yard. They grow in the area, but we just don't seem to be able to keep them for more than a couple years.