Sunday, November 24, 2013

50,678 stitches

This is what it looks like with that many stitches:
Middle of Chart C and I have D and E with an inch or so of ribbing to do. It's still kind of bolero-ish right now, so definitely need those rows!

Spent Sunday afternoon in the kinship. Jenna and Heidi came over as planned. Heidi brought Kathy along too. Brent met us online near the beginning of where we all started together. It was fun spending the afternoon all together in the same room gaming. We're going to try for a few more in person sessions before Heidi makes her final move back east to Pennsylvania.

Jenna's planning to come over after work on Tuesday. She needs to come to the JoAnn's Superstore by us to fabric shop for the weekend.

We're doing another household beach trip over Thanksgiving weekend. William has work and homework that he'll have to do so he'll be home keeping the home fires burning. 

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