Thursday, November 21, 2013

Surprise Game Night

Thursday's are LOTRO game night with Heidi, Jenna, Brandon and I. Wednesday they put up the new game and made a lot of changes. To the point that last night we decided that we should just start with all new characters.

So we switched over to Elves and had the introductory quests to do and a little bit online together where we could. Heidi though was having problems with her laptop, so wasn't able to get as far as the rest of us.

She talked with Brandon during the day and it was decided it would just be easier for her to come to our house so he could look at it and since she was here, just game. I thought it wasn't fair not to have Jenna, so we called her and had her come over.

There ladies on the sectional couch and Brandon at his desktop. Lots of laughing and interesting comments abounded. ;-) Heidi's character got a companion bear, so lots of comments about following a fluffy butt by me. They got to hear all the new player comments I was making and Brandon's pithy replies. I have to push Z to talk and sometimes that's hard to do while also pushing all the buttons during combat.

We had so much fun that it was decided that they would all come over again on Sunday for the next game day. Brandon just has to double check that his D&D game isn't on earlier in the day. Heidi lives waaaaaay across town and it was late when she left, so doesn't want to have to worry about that with a Monday morning work day.

I was only able to get 8 rows of the Chart B done today with all my other chores. I'll have a picture of it in the morning. Here's what it looked like this morning:
Little bit left on that fourth ball. I'm on five now.

Close-up of the setup length of the four chart As.

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