Monday, November 11, 2013

Sometimes a slow learner ;-)

I know that when I'm in a migraine cycle its better if I don't do a lot of activities, but Friday, day two of the migraine cycle I was in, I didn't listen. I decided to defrost some chicken breasts and make a couple dinners. I boiled three small breasts in water with a couple cloves of garlic and a handful of baby carrots. I didn't have any celery on hand and didn't want to include onions. Once they were cooked through, I took everything out so they could either be cut up into bite size bites or shredded.

I've found that shredding chicken really makes a breast go along way. Much more chicken seems to be in what is being served than bite sized bits. Plus I had to us more chicken to make it look like everyone was getting enough chicken. So shredding really helps extend your chicken!

Half of the chicken, the carrots, broth water, and cloves went to this recipe, my South of the Border Chicken.  I think I blogged pics of it last year, if you don't want to go visit the Tasty Kitchen web site. If you don't want to go there, why?! It's a nice place to find some great recipe inspirations.

The other half of the shredded chicken went into a bottle of Vodka Chicken. They sauce this bottle now. Brandon loved getting it at Macaroni Grill when they still existed. So the half a box of linguine noodles and some Chardonnay with the chicken and we had dinner.

The soup went into the refrigerator and has been lunch and dinner since, and a couple in the freezer for lunches. I even had some leftover Vodka Chicken sauce and that went into the freezer. I'm sure I'll have some leftover pasta noodles that it can go with in the near future.

While all that was going on, I had some little tomatoes that I'd gotten from Carla as green ones. They sat on the counter in their plastic bag ripening. Rinsed them off, de-stemmed them and popped them into a pot of boiling water to blanch. Into a pot of cold water to stop the cooking and help slide the skins off and soon I was de-seeding. Once their skins were off, seeds removed it was into a pan to cook down. I only ended up with a pint of tomato sauce, but it can be used for anything.

Still had the headache that night and in fact I think it was a little bit worse, so I stayed home and didn't go to Revels that night. :-( There was a fabric swap I missed too! No one else brought fabric, but she'll bring it another time, and hopefully I can exchange some of mine too.

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