Friday, November 8, 2013

Some Fall Color and a little bit about books

Have popped my head outside in the backyard a few times this last week, during the rain breaks. ;-)

The Sunset Maple, we got it for the colors for fall. Red-orange, or sunset colored:

You can see some of the leaves are their normal dark purple color, but then it turns yellow-orange. It's been fun watching it grow over the years:
I bought this at the Norm Thompson sample sale a few weeks ago. I love owls and this was quirky. Trying to get enough sun during the day to recharge the solar cells. Did you know that some solar cells don't charge on cloudy days? They truly need "sun" to charge. It's a little green light when it does come on at night.
Isn't he fun?
Looking over the roof to the front yard, you can see the two sweet gums on either side of the driveway. I think its funny how they change at different rates. This is the one on the left side of the driveway as you look at the house:
The one on the right side of the house. It's always behind the others in the cul de sac:
The nasturtiums went into hibernation when I forgot to water the box. With all the rains, they popped up and went green and have been throwing out blooms and being all cheerful. I love that they reseed themselves and return each year.

No comments about the sweater posts, but I have one or two that I'll write up and post along with another new project.

I have been an avid reader since grade school. Family will tell you that I was often found deep within the pages of a book. I've had problems reading the last couple of months. It's really weird. Authors that have usually sucked me into their world I've struggled to read their books. I'm at 75% for my goal of 100 books for the year. I've had books that I've had to return to the library unread because of struggling to finish a book. A couple of times I admit I just gave up and left it as something to possibly be read in the future. Others, have been put back on request to be read.

Have you ever had this problem? Does anyone pay attention to the little bookshelf over on the right? Read any of these books? Did you know if you hover over the book it will show the review I gave it?


  1. Thank you for sharing your fall color. I've been thinking for a few years that we need to plant some sweet gums for fall color.
    I have a photo of my Great-grandmother (she died of Spanish Flu in 1918) as a young lady with nasturtiums pulled through her blouse buttonholes.
    About reading, I seldom read books, I'm ashamed to say. After I finished my associate degree at age 42, I found very little interest in books. I'd rather read articles and have become quite proficient at reading photos.
    I have surely enjoyed reading your posts of late. Don't stop blogging.

    1. Beware with the Sweet Gums come their pods. They're interesting things. I've thought of spray painting them gold and silver and putting them in a glass vase as decorations for the holidays. They are painful to step on if walking around barefoot. They are also plentiful and raking them out of the grass isn't fun. Our neighbor cut his down and left a good size trunk and had a bear carving done. He missed it and a few years later bought a replacement, so they do 'grow' on you. ;-)

      How cool to have a photo of your Great-grandmother like that!

      I tried out a book that before reading, The Given Sacrifice, I couldn't get into. I guess I just wasn't ready for it. Thankfully, I have a few days before it needs to go back to the library, so I don't have to rush.

      Thanks for the blog encouragement! I know some people are reading posts, just trying to find a way to encourage others to participate too. I know a giveaway would work, but that would mean a trip to the post office and I hate going there. (Should also probably go check the mail, its been a couple of weeks. I'm sure my mailman hates me!)

  2. I read your blog via blog lovin', so I didn't know about your bookshelf... Thanks for mentioning it in your blog post. And what do you know... I found that you have a couple of titles I am interested in reading. Some people say that the sidebars of someone's blog are not useful anymore because people use blog readers... I disagree, because I do sometimes go over to the website to see how things are looking, but a reminder of what is over there really helps. Thanks!

    1. Kay -

      Glad to know! Also glad I could point you to a few good books. Further, if you click on the top of the bookshelf, it will take you to the Shelfari page with all of the books I've read. I've enjoyed having it as a way of keeping track of the ones I have read and would like to read. Much easier for me than GoodReads, personal preference of course!