Thursday, November 14, 2013

Looks like a sweater!

Spent time today on the Hitofude cardigan. There was a crochet chain provisional cast-on. Must have done something wrong because undoing the chain and slipping the stitches on to the needle is the way its supposed to go, that's not how it went. I had to undo each chain by pulling out the strand. For the left sleeve that was 60 stitches and then doing the three needle bind-off before moving the stitches off of the other provisional cast on (192 stitches.)

I was curious why a three needle bind off, but since the pattern author is trying to limit having to attach yarn and doing it as one swack, I guess it makes sense to use this one. It makes it so the seams are nice and neat and have less stress. If you haven't done one before, Jimmy Beans has some nice instructions on how to do it.

From there it was getting all the stitches on one needle and knitting in the round for eight rows to work the neckline and the fitting in the back. I got all those done and now working the skirt of the cardigan. Whew!

My handy spreadsheet says that I have 31,227 stitches towards the 50,000 goal and am 62% complete towards that goal. I don't think I have to worry about meeting the goal and hopefully will exceed it. I know happy to exceed. ;-)

Showing the ribbing that goes around the neckline and around the back

Three needle bind off, seaming up the sleeves

There's more binding off in the next step, then back to knitting flat. The math will get a little more interesting shortly, but I think I have a couple more days of knitting before it gets to that point. 


  1. Crochet chain provisional cast on is my favorite provisional cast on. When it's right, it's so cool! Sorry yours didn't unzip properly. And I love three needle bind off for shoulder seams. Very stable!

    1. I should have done it this way -
      Instead, I had followed the:
      Chain A: With waste yarn and crochet hook, chain 48 (48, 54, 54, 60, 60) sts.
      Chain B: With another waste yarn, chain 132 (144, 162, 174, 192, 204) sts.
      Starting from Chain A, with main needle and yarn, pick up and knit 48 (48, 54, 54, 60, 60) sts"

      I'll do the Lucy Neatby way anytime a crochet provisional cast on comes up again!