Saturday, November 16, 2013


A few weeks ago while doing yard work I dislocated my left shoulder for a few seconds. My brain sent me the picture of where my arm was located and without even thinking made a move that caused it to relocate. Those few seconds seems to have been long enough to cause injury to the deltoid.

I used castor oil on the shoulder that night and for a week afterward and thought things were doing well. I still have problems with weird rotations of the shoulder though. For example, trying to twist my arm up behind my back to unhook a bra. Or what caused it pain yesterday and into today. Sitting in the passenger seat, and trying to toss my sweater onto the back seat. I think it was a combination of the angle and the weight of the sweater. Ow.

Today I tried going forward and get the setup row done and do the lower body work on the Hitofude. Not that many stitches in and I find that all the kfb increases has made it so that I would need to be working a future chart in the pattern. I'm six stitches too many to do the pattern as written. Grrrr

I've tried putting in a help request with the pattern author, who it does turn out, did have it tested for the XL that I'm knitting. I also posted to the pattern page. Japan is 17 hours ahead of us and I still haven't heard anything back, but on her Ravelry page she does have this

 "I’m not good at English. So I can’t reply to complicated questions."

I tinked back but have lost my beginning of the round point because of removing that marker 10 rounds earlier and my brain is discombobulated trying to find the starting point. So no forward progress for today possibly. My shoulder is also hurting and holding the knitting seems to be aggravating the shoulder pain.

Sorry no pics today.

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