Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mini Fiber Fun

Pearl Fiber Arts celebrated their third Anniversary the weekend of October 19th & 20th. It was also the same weekend as Norm Thompson Outfitter's Sample Sale. Brandon had volunteered to work it so got $100 in apparel to spend. I'm a very lucky girl. ;-) I have new dresses and pants and a couple pairs of shoes from it. That was before the public got to go in on Saturday. I invited Dawn-Marie and Brent to come and they had fun shopping too. I found a folding foam mattress and an owl yard decoration.  Here's the foam mattress:
I wish that I could have gotten two, but there was only one. So will be on the look out for another! We can use it for camping.

I took my Halloween Witches Cat hat with me to the shop:
Amazon Local had a coupon for Supa and so I got two of their Deluxes. One with tomato soup and the Country sandwich and the other with the peanut soup and the Radix sandwich. I didn't sample the tomato soup and should have. It had red peppers in it. Even William didn't enjoy it. The mushroom soup was a tiny bit spicier than I would have liked, or I would have gotten it. Need to go back to taste the clam chowder.

I used my Stash Sale money and a little bit to pick up some fiber from Alexandra's Crafts trunk show:

 BFL in Black Rose colorway
Merino-Silk in Wine
Sale yarns. I had thought about using them to make a Despicable Me hat, but the blue isn't blue enough. I did buy some cake dyes, so could possibly overdye it and try for something darker. 

I also got the second edition of Ply the magazine. It has a nice heavy paper and lovely paper. I might try one of the plying suggestions. Not sure that it was worth the $11 for it though for me. Wish I had been able to get down to the other magazine that there was a trunk show for. 

Finished the hat:

Yarns are all Knit Picks. The red and dark orange are leftover from the Jayne hat. The lighter orange was actually a DK. I have leftovers still of the non-black colors and just a couple yards of the black. 

I also bought some fiber from Paradise Fibers:
 Merino top - 8 ounces
Fake cashmere - 8 ounces

I mentioned the cake dyes I bought. I also have some natural dyes. I want to pull those and my undyed fibers in my stash and play with dyeing. 

Right now, I'm spinning up some superwash Corriedale called Summer Fun by Knitted Wit:

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