Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Half done things and some more fall pretty

I have one of the fingerless mitts done. Need to weave in a couple of ends and find buttons. I cast on tonight for the second one and have 26 rows done while at the Barony Business Meeting. Having my fingers wrapped up in needles and yarn didn't keep me from active participation, much to the chagrin of some people I'm sure. ;-)

My Spring Green Mitts(you'll get to see what Ravelry is like, if you aren't a member):
Pre-soak and blocking

Blocked out. I did it at an angle and now, looking at this may have to re-do it.
I'm also more than half way towards 50,000 stitches on my Hitofude. I do have pics, but I'll save that for tomorrow I think and another update.

While letting Leeloo outside this afternoon, the sun shining through the remaining leaves caught my eye. Their glow. I don't think the camera fully caught it:

Caught a squirrel in this one ;-)


  1. Your mitts are beautiful! You know I'm a sucker for feather and fan, old shale, what have you.
    Looking forward to your sweater update!

    1. We took the finished mitt into JoAnn's today to try to find cute buttons in green, rose and white of the right size. Total bust! There were some possible white and pink ones, but it would have been $9 to get enough buttons. Decided I'm going to have to make a trip into Portland to go into The Button Emporium. Hopefully they'll be able to solve the problem.

      People don't realize that buttons can make or break a project! ;-)