Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dragon's Mist Champions Court 2013

We adjourned to Angela's house, our feast steward. The event provided a full roast pig for the event. I had ordered it through Uwajimaya's. They did all the cooking and it came out great! We had lots of sides brought for the pot luck and everyone had lots to eat! Some of us had stopped at home to put on cleaner-drier clothes before showing up at Lorraine's/Angela's house.

After we were all full, we tried waiting for Baroness Svava to get off of work and get there to have court, but finally made the decision to proceed. We had been busting our butts in the scribal group to get charters painted in time for the event, so it was nice to see them go out.

We received a Household award from the Barony for the House of the Golden Bees to thank us for our service to the Barony. Currently we are a small household with me as House Steward, Ignatius, Millicent, Larissa, and Eadowain. Aemelia has been part of the household, but suspect that her involvement with us will be greatly reduced. 

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