Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It arrived today.  My copy of "An Echo In The Bone" by Diana Gabaldon. In the last few years my luck with ordering books from the Science Fiction Book Club has been such that the author arrives in town for a book signing and the book shows up a day or two later. :-( Sadly, I have a bunch of books from the library that will constrain my time and I won't be able to read it until later. Really enjoying Tanya Huff's "The Enchantment Emporium".

I read Outlander in the early 90s and immediately, like many others wanted the next book. It blended time travel with history in a way I hadn't read before. All the girls wanted to meet a guy like Jaime. I can tell you he doesn't look like Mel Gibson in a kilt in my head. I haven't seen an actor yet that matches the picture I have in my head of him. That's okay, though, cause then he continues to be *my* version. ;-)

In the last few years I've enjoyed going to Powell's for book signings. It's cool to get to listen to the authors words in their voice. Learn a little bit behind the story, get a little teaser about the series. Say thank you for touching your life in some way. I missed Richelle Mead's a while back ago. Powell's has a weird notification program where they send out the next week's signings on Sunday, sometimes too short of notice.

Monday, October 5th will find me at the Powell's on Cedar Hills early for a good seat. I'll have all my books with me, all seven plus the Companion edition, to be signed. Might mean I have to stay late unless I can drag Brandon along with me. He has fun hanging out with me for these types of things so I might be able to talk him into it. (They make people with more than four books wait to have all their books signed until everyone else has a chance.) I wonder how many people will be showing up?

I'll need knitting for it, so I'm contemplating bumping a kilt hose pattern up the queue, but those knots might not be a good idea. The only other Scottish type pattern I have near the top is a gift for Brandon, might not be a good idea to do it in front of him. I do have on order the yarn for William's Jayne Hat. It should arrive in time for me to take that. Some nice simple stockinette. It's for his birthday at the end of October.

Work progresses on the Kernel Scarf and the Fairy Wings. I've also started washing the lovely red-brown Suri. Some of the locks have been eleven inches long! It's like working with someone's really soft cut hair. A lady at the Parking Lot Sale on Sunday said that they should use the Suri fleeces to make chemo wigs. They'd certainly be warm! The locks don't seem to be as dirty as the Huacaya fleece usually are. Lots of fleece washing this week!

Leigh Radford has a book signing scheduled for Powell's on October 13th, Burnside. If you'd like to get your copy of One More Skein signed. ;-) Hey, she's local too!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival 2009 Day 2

I arrived at 8:30am, to find the parking lot area for the fleece sale 85% full. A bit of a shock! Didn't think it started until 8:30am! Ran into Shelia as I was unloading and she mentioned that some people started at 7:20am and she almost called to let me know. Not much I would have been able to do then, but I appreciated the thought!

After paying the registration fee and spying a spot that was against the back but not right next to the auction tables, I started unloading the bags from my car and putting them in the spot. It was easy to see that there were a lot of alpaca being sold. Had the misfortune to land next to someone else also selling a lot of fleeces, smaller and lower priced. Shelia again was able to share that Carissa's prices were good. Got the car moved out of the way and parked in the Red Parking Lot and back to open up the bags and arrange them so that people could see that there were a variety of colors to choose from. Had two other ladies show up while I was doing that with their fleeces. They were also first time sellers. One had Romney cross fleeces that were lovely white and really cleaner than a lot of others and another that had some really soft crimpy border leicester/blue faced leicester cross. If I had the $25 I would have bought one of them from her!

Parking Lot Sale:

(new sellers group)

(directly across from the entrance - some of Carissa's fleeces)

(Brandy's Shetland Fleece - more about that)

(neighbor alpaca & rest of parking lot sales)
Shelia came and kept me company and tried to help with sales for both Carissa and the Tammy sitting next to us with the leicester fleeces. I brought my wheel but my cormo/silk fell out of the bag, so no spinning occurred.

I spied Barbara and Melissa checking out the tapestry looms on the auction tables. They did come over and said hi and Melissa took a picture. Here's theirs:

Karen, Rachel, and Cindy with Shelia all stopped by while I was out in the parking lot. I also got to say hi again to Mokihana. After I got back to the canopy area I found the surprise that she had left for us - some delicious brownies! Thanks again!! Shelia made mention that a group of us this next March could come up to Brandy's and help with the Shetland shearing and if we're so inclined, go home with a fleece that we helped with. How cool! Now something to look forward to in the spring. ;-)

I decided to brave the barn and see if I would have allergy issues. I think keeping to the outside area helped not cause any. I first found some Gotland sheep in the flesh:

Some Shetland sheep that I wanted to sink my hand into but noticed the "don't pet" signs hung around:

Loved the milk chocolate brown on this mohair goat, the eyes were pretty too but shy to show them to the camera:

The black and white markings and those eyes!

This guy was rather relaxed while he was getting his clip:

Some stunning red Cashmere Goats from Foxmoor Farm. I chatted with Carrie for half an hour. Imagine, she has a bedroom with 30 bags of fleece in it that she hand picks out the guard hairs using a black cloth, light and magnifying glass. She also has bunnies. 

I finally found where the Applebright Farm Pygoras were (thanks for helping out with the name Tiggywinkleknits!)

I then wandered out and happened to be by the judging ring. The pygoras were being judged, I think the juveniles. I was standing at the corner watching and there was a little white girl that I got to pet. I was then drawn to videotape this one little girl in the ring that just seemed like she wasn't happy to be there because it sounded to me like she was saying 'baaaad', 'baaaad'. The girl in green had the winner, if I understood the judge and the little white one was the one I got to pet.

After all of that I made it over to the canopies, fewer people there today, or they were all out shopping still. Ate a brownie, took a small handful of acetaminophen to combat cramps and the continued migraine from the day before. Chatted and waited to see if they would decrease and when it seemed like they were increasing, opted to head home.  Contemplated another brownie, chocolate always helps right? Opted not to but was amazed that I made it home.

Lots of people were seen, renewed connections were made, people I hadn't seen in a while were seen again. It was too short, just right, too long of a weekend. Understand? ;-)

ETA: Created a Picasa Web Album of all pictures taken:

Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival 2009 Day 1

I arrived bright and early at the Canby Fairgrounds shortly after 8am, meeting Cindy and Karen there. We unloaded cars and then started setting up canopies. It really is easier if there are four people putting the so called E-Z-Up canopies - one on each leg. The funny part was having a guy sit and watch and then offer to help us 'poor weak women' and he couldn't get the canopy tops open. Once we had the canopies up, one of the OFFF organizers didn't like where we had relocated our canopies, (the original assignment was on slope - hard to spin that way!) and after we explained our logic she moved us in front of the Main Pavillion.

By this time it was ten minutes to 9am. We had just enough time to head over to the pastry vendor - some people got cinnamon rolls, I picked up a marionberry strusel topped muffin. On my way back I stopped in at Knitted Wit's booth and picked up a blue-green I think BFL braid she had in her sale bin. I also remembered to check back in on Lorajean and was able to at least offer her a chance to use the restroom, if not get a lunch.

By this time it was 9am and I headed over to pay for my pre-order with Klaus at Crown Mountain Farms - Finn (8ounces), Shetland (4 ounces for a total of 8) and then added in an additional 2 ounces of Black Mulberry Silk Sliver. I thought I was doing good. I was being restrained.

Not too long after, Cindy was back waving around a bag of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Twisted that she had gotten out of their $8 bins. $8 bins? So beat feet in and found 2 skeins of Rare Gems Woobu and 2 skeins of Rare Gems Laci that called to me. I decided that since they were such great buys, why worry about only getting one or two, I'd just go ahead and get all four. Awesome deals!!! Rare Gems are dye jobs that didn't come out to Tina's standards and so I'm guessing at colorway names in my Ravelry stash.

Feeling pretty good at my purchases. I sat down and had some coffee. Then I decided that I hadn't been inside the Main Pavillion and thought I'd go check it out and stumbled across Judy's Novelty Wool and she had some really dark saturated really soft black merino. I immediately thought of the black alpaca, black silk and thought that adding in 8 ounces of it would make for a really soft blended batt.

Angela and I opted for Lamb on a stick for lunch. There was some learning of how to use Turkish Drop Spindles by Rachel and Tammy. Then Michele arrived and Leila was pulled in as the original enabler from Sock Summit and we were able to get pictures of all of them using the Turkish Delights:

(Tammy, Rachel, Michele, Duffy, Leila)
I had picked my chair location in the morning because I thought the shade it started in and the angle of the tree near by would cause me to stay in the shade. That was incorrect! My chair spent the greater part of the day in the sun. I borrowed chairs that were in the shade and did get some spinning in on the cormo/silk but then was lured away in search of some pygora. I was going to try to find Applebright Farm, suspect that they may be located in the barn. I never made it into the barns. I stumbled across Foggy Bottom Farm Pygoras. After feeling the various bins that she had out, I went with the 'Grade B' and found out that she's named Fiona, see her on this page, 4th down from the top. She was also right next canopy to Abstract Fiber.

We had a 'famous' visitor stop by our canopies - Franklin Habit. He's in town for the weekend and has a class and an evening with him at Knit-Purl. Some fangirl pics were taken. I caught this one of him:

I helped Carissa find some rovings to add to her collection, not the first time today I was accused of enabling fiber purchases. ;-) All too soon it was 5pm and packing up the car and headed home. After unpacking the car I packed it up with Carissa's alpaca fleeces for the Parking Lot sale tomorrow morning. Here's my car all loaded up:

I'm all set to sell, sell those fleeces and spin while doing so. Here's hoping that I can sell them all before Carissa gets there and we can enjoy the afternoon spinning under the Spinnerati canopy.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Washed Alpaca & early Happy Birthday Norbert!

I've been working on the Fairy Wings for Kaisha, but will not be done in time to give them to her tomorrow for her birthday. You'd think bigger needles would make it go faster, but those yo's can be a pain, especially if you forget one!

Similarly, I've been working on the Flaxen Kernel and this yarn is nice to work with! Much more fun than the Habu raw silk. This pattern also has yo's to watch out for and I'm getting better about checking at the end of each knit row that I still have the correct number of stitches.

This is with the end, the bead section (minus beads) and two of the main pattern chart repeats done (only 21 more to go!)

Lisa showed us the Lucy Neatby, ssk technique that was part of the class I was an aide in the afternoon for at Sock Summit. I missed it because I was in the sock spinning class with Janel. I've been using it a lot with both of these projects! So much nicer than the old way. Thanks Lucy!! and Lisa!!

I mentioned that I bought a pound of black alpaca from Carissa last Saturday at the Spin in Public event. I thought I should get it washed in a timely manner. I did go through a bit of fleece envy on Wednesday. Angela had gotten some also but her was 1.9 pounds and felt softer than mine did even all dirty. The goodness is that mine had really come through the wash and all that dirt (four wash cycles through the kitchen sink) removed has caused it to really soften up. Still not as ultra soft as the stuff Angela has, but I'm still happy with what I have.

(The little pile is the second level of rejected fiber - from first level pre-washed stuff)

Plans are to rent an electric drum carder and run the cleaned fleece through it along with some black silk that I got from Klaus at TKGA. Since the silk was only 2 ounces and my 18.2 ounces has been reduced down to 13.12 ounces, I think I'll need more of the silk. I already have Finn and Shetland that I'm picking up from Klaus, getting another bag of his silk won't be a problem. ;-) Yes, I've pre-shopped for Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival.

Due to be at the Fairgrounds at 8am, Saturday to help setup the canopy. Vendors open at 9am so I'll be part of the mass of people that will also be early. Some shopping, visiting, eating, spinning, and knitting. Then meeting up with the boys for some good German food at the Oktoberfest. Sunday I need to be back at the fairgrounds by 8:30am and unload Carissa's alpaca fleeces and work the Parking Lot Fleece Sale until she can arrive from church. Carissa's dropping off the fleeces tonight. I get to go through and pick out the one or two that I want as payment for helping her out. More fleece! She has a variety of colors, so it may be hard to pick, but I'll do my best. ;-)

Saturday is also Norbert's 8th birthday. He's matured into such a nice gentleman in his prime. He still barks at people when they come into the house but is more comfortable with people visiting. In the last year he's been very puppy like in his play and soliciting play with Nessa. He's learned how to enjoy tugging and doesn't just have to play chase the ball. Unfortunately, his trouble ear has blown up like a balloon like his right ear did last year. We're trying home aspiration in the hopes that we can avoid the $600 button surgery that was done on his right ear. (No economic stimulus check to be gobbled up in ear surgery around.) I have some leftover antibiotics that will hopefully help. Last night's aspiration seems to have helped, its significantly less balloon like. Fingers-crossed that tonight's will be enough.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dogs & Fleece

The advantage of doing the Goodie Bags was getting to see the samples as they came in. Carissa donated fluffs of alpaca fleece that she has gotten from a church member. She has a garage full of fleeces that she's selling. She had taken samples from a pretty black fleece and I knew what she was selling them for, but didn't want a whole fleece to clean and process. So I asked her if I could get a pound from the partial that was leftover from taking samples.

I now have a little over a pound of alpaca fleece from Magnolia. Taking pictures of it in the sunlight washes out the black making it look a muddy grey-brown. Bringing it inside and with four dogs in the house, some pointy noses and not so pointy ones just had to investigate this new interesting smell. I'd love to know what was going through Nickel and Cedi's minds while they had their faces buried in this new to them experience. Norbert's an old pro now and while he did shove his face in, didn't have to do as thorough of a job at smelling the whole thing.

Cedi buried up to her eyes in the fleece.

If I thought taking pictures of a black fleece was difficult, a black dog with his nose in it was such that I had to pull back so you could see there was a body! ;-)

Norbert also with his face up to his eyes in the fleece.

Nessa getting her chance to smell it, but not so interested.

Nessa would rather be here, talking to her fish. They come up and give her fishy kisses. I had filled the pond this morning so accidentally got the level a little full. She didn't have to bend over as far to get her kisses.

The early sounds of fall were in the air I noticed while I was out filling the pond and taking pictures. The local blue jays/birds (we have both) could be heard in the Hazelnut/Filbert orchard behind us as they were attempting to liberate nuts from their shells. Tap tap tap tap. Means also Nessa will be cruising the backyard for the nut bundles the birds drop. She loves her hazelnuts!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

World Wide Spin in Public Day - No Pirates were seen

Gail called me as I was getting ready to leave this morning. "It's pouring down rain, is WWSiP cancelled?" I was good, I don't think I laughed. Nope, I'm an Oregonian, I don't let a little thing like rain stop me from having an event! If I did, there would be a lot of fun times that wouldn't have happened. ;-)

Twenty hardy people showed up with spinning wheels or drop spindles and got to go home with full Goodie Bags. Imagine that! ;-) I guess you could call it our 'fiber loot'. It was awesome to show up in the rain looking for a space under the overhang by the Starbucks for us to setup to find out from Kiley (sorry forgot a picture of her with her kids!) that the Hillsboro Farmer's Market people had set up three canopies for our use. That was just beyond expectations and such a pleasant surprise.  So a big THANK YOU shout out to Laura, market manager, for helping to make our event great!

Gail, had her appendix out on Wednesday, called me Friday and said she didn't think she was going to make it, and then as mentioned called and showed up today. I think she really wanted that Goodie Bag. LOL

Tiggywinkleknits showed a number of small children and adults how to use a drop spindle. I had fun getting a couple of twentysomething guys how to spin - she has 'clown' fluff in BRIGHT orange and green they really seemed to get a kick out of it. One of them had enough that he made a wristband out of his yarn.

Mom, there in the background was later seen trying her hand out with the drop spindle. Can't have Dad having all the fun! ;-)

Shelia, Duffy and Karen spinning (wheels are a Julia, Joy and Victoria) and Karen's mom knitting (sorry I missed mom's name!) Karen and her mom drove over from Gresham to join us. They also came for our World Wide Knit in Public Day event back in June. Aren't they awesome!?

I mentioned drop spinning - we had three Turkish Spindles and they congregated together to discuss the finer points of it. Dana and Michele are new and Jessica has been spinning for over a year that I know of.

Dana & Michele with Rachel in the background teaching her niece on a CD drop spindle. You can see my wheel setup to the left of Michele. It's a Lendrum (if you're keeping track of all the wheels - There were 3 double treadles and three single treadles - we had Lendrums fully covered!).

Love Jessica's smile! Melinda is to her right on the Lendrum. They carpooled together from Vancouver to come spin with us! 

Angela (Joy) and Rachel (Ashford Traveler), Bobbie with a Journey wheel in front of her while carding (her Lendrum is over there behind Rachel).

Another shot showing the three canopies. Rachel on the left with the niece drop spindling and I'm not sure where Norichan was going, that's her Lendrum in front of the chair.

Melissa had arrived after I finally sat down and got some actual spinning done, so no pictures of her. Michele wanted a picture of it, so you can see over on her blog. Much better than the WWKiP day event where I never knit a stitch! LOL Others that missed my camera were Tracy with her Lendrum and Robyn with her drop spindle. Sara had her Kiwi and was sitting next to Angela or flitting about checking out what others were doing. Not sure but there was also a trip to Carissa's car to check out alpaca fleeces. (Many of the linked people have/or will have blog posts about the event and possibly more pictures!)

We did end with some sunshine, just a little later than expected. Next weekend is OFFF, so I'm sure you'll see some of these same faces in a post for that event. It's fun to have such a large group of people to have a good time with.

I brought all my gear home. Gathered up the Transverse Scarf and headed to the 'other' downtown - Portland to Knit-Purl so I could give them their store sample. Sandy Kay was laughing and said she had just come upstairs from sending me an email asking how it was going. LOL Sandy Kay was very pleased with the scarf and offered me a choice of my next project. I saw that Kernel was one of them and while not one I planned to make for myself, I was more than willing to play with some of their Handmaiden to knit it up for them. It's a pretty red with silk and linen. It should be fun to knit up!

I'm now in search of a spider or web stitch pattern to make into wristwarmers for Bailey. She plans to wear her "Spider Geisha" outfit again for Halloween. I thought she needed wristwarmers to complete the outfit.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Finally some FO's!

I've been knitting, but haven't felt the satisfaction of completed projects. That changed yesterday. I was able to get the Simple Yet Effective Shawl that I was knitting up using the Schaefer Yarns, Anne colorway Toni Morrison that I won in a contest on Judy Becker's blog around Christmas last year. It had I think languished in her stash and she opted to find it a new home. I tried it out in the Woodland Shawl pattern but the short color changes were causing the actual pattern to be lost. So the search was on for a pattern that the short color sequences wouldn't overwhelm the pattern, so the Simple Yet Effective Shawl. It's going into the Christmas gift pile destined for a new home in the Bay Area with the step-mother-in-law.

It blocked out to a nice 32x62 inches and covers the back and comes to the front nicely. It can also be wrapped and worn more around the neck. I think it will keep anyone nice and warm with the mohair content.

I also finished up the scarf store sample for Knit-Purl. It's the Transverse Scarf by Miriam Felton. The yarn is Habu Textiles N-6B Konnyaku Sizing Silk in color #2 (khaki). One of the four skeins didn't take the dye as well and I had to figure out a way not to have it glaringly obvious. The pattern is fairly simple to do, but I found that I could only do two or three chart repeats before my brain started to wander and I made mistakes. Otherwise this would have been done much sooner! It blocks nicely and I think the soak helped round the silk a bit.

Tonight it all about getting all the paraphernalia all gathered together so that its not too difficult to get to the site tomorrow bright and early. Chair, wheel, 20 bags of Goodies, back pillow, catalogs, and anything else I think of between now and bedtime. I'd also like to see if I can finish up one of the bobbins of Cormo/Silk that I've been working on. Just a bit more to go to finish off 3.5 ounces of fiber. (Still have another 3.5 ounces to spin up, not sure if I'll get it done before OFFF though!)

We have Cedi and Nickel for the weekend again. Greta is off to Coeur D'Alene, Idaho for another Flyball Tournament.  

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Tuesday night Shelia gave me the samples that she had picked up from Woodland Woolworks and had already bagged them up and stapled to the catalogs they provided. It's a nice bundle of Romney/Perendale. Carissa worked at making up her baggies of the soft black raw alpaca fleece she was donating. (I'm getting more of this stuff!)  Her Etsy shop may be looking a little bare right now, but check back, that should be changing.

I was late getting to spinning today, but stayed late to make up for it. Dana was entertained by the square dancers while waiting for my arrival. She had some pretty colored mohair/wool that she had bought and decided she didn't like it enough to continue spinning it, so donated it to the World Wide Spin in Public day Goodie Bags.

Here's what the contents look like:
Lots of samples to get a taste of different fibers and dyeing from. I'm really looking forward to Saturday!
As previously mentioned I participated in the Summer of Spinning. FiberQat was the local organizer for us and she had mentioned that she would have prizes. Honestly, I'd forgotten all about that part until she started pulling things out tonight at Knit Night. I was able to pick out my choice of color of some dyed 50/50 cashmere/silk by Abstract Fiber and a dyed wool sample also by Abstract Fiber and some black Alpaca that FiberQat had gotten from Carissa and had processed:

Duffy also put together a really nice "Spinner's Kit" containing a pair of scissors, a ruler, a handmade by her orifice hook in pretty blue wire and a hand knitted oil bag. Awesome prizes! Thanks to Duffy and Susan for her donations!
Monday afternoon I joined in with 59 other people watching via webcam, friend Heather and her husband Bruce pick out their new border collie puppie, Haku. They have an older border collie from this particular breeder and had watched the litter from birth to ready to adopt, so had a pretty good idea of which puppy appealed to them before they flew down to make it official. Haku is 'white' in Japanese and is totally opposite of London at this age. If you hate cute puppy pictures, don't visit here. This post also talks about a Friesian event that was interesting, so horses if that suits you more.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tami's Chicken Enchiladas

I've been cooking since I was 12 years old. I was raised in a single parent household and as the oldest, mom taught me to cook young so that I could help her out by having dinner ready by the time she got home. That's a long time cooking and I went through a period where it wasn't really a lot of fun and definitely a 'chore' to do.

Recently I've been trying to liven up dinners and have been watching shows like: Barefoot Contessa, Giada at Home (also her old show), Sandra Lee's shows and a new one $10 meals.

Online there's The Pioneer Woman and Smitten Kitchen.

With the TV shows I don't always follow their exact recipe but I get ideas and inspiration for something I've made in the past with a new twist.

Now, I'm not Ree so there's not really pretty photos but here's my Chicken Enchilada recipe that I recently made. It should be able to feed a family of four, change amounts to suit your needs. I'm not a measure-er, I eyeball it and add more if I need to do so. All measurements are approximations.

"Sauce" for the chicken:
1/4-1/2 cup mayonnaise (the boys like Miracle Whip, but I don't, so they have to eat it this way - your choice!)
1/4-1/2 cup Ranch Dressing
3-4 tablespoons La Victoria Red Taco Sauce (mild)
1/2-1 cup shredded cheese (I use a colby jack because it's versatile)

(There has been a version in the past that used the the Fiesta Nacho Cheese Soup from Campbell's along with some Ranch dressing to thin it down. I stopped doing this because it was voted that no one liked the Fiesta Nacho Cheese soup portion.)

Stir until combined:

I broiled two boneless chicken breasts, you could also microwave them. Unlike the cooks in the cooking shows, no I didn't pre-season them in anyway (no salt & pepper - do so if you'd like, it your choice!). I then used a fork to shred them. I used to think that would be a lot of work, but surprisingly its not!

The microwave in the meantime was busy warming up the can of Refried Beans. I get the no fat, green chilies and lime.

There was also a can of enchilada sauce heated up, but I forgot to take a photograph of it. It's red, its enchilada sauce, you'll see it in the layers photos. ;-)

I have honestly never looked at a recipe for Spanish Rice, so don't know how authentic I am with this, and I know that technically because I don't dip my tortillas in the enchilada sauce that these might be 'burritos', this is what my family calls them, you call them what you'd like. :-) My Spanish Rice involves making a pot of steamed white rice and once its cooked adding 1/4 cup of my homemade salsa to it. (My salsas also do not contain cumin or cilantro, cause I don't like the flavors of them - I'm picky that way.)

From the refrigerator I pull out the sour cream and I'm ready to start assembling:
Step one is to put the Tortilla down. I get the big ones:

On top of the tortilla I spoon a layer of rice down the center:

Then comes the beans. Spread them out so that they cover the rice layer. Be careful, the rice will want to stick to the bean spoon so I glop it and then spread out:

Next is the cheese-chicken sauce layer. I should add that if you'd like to be 'semi-homemade' you could substitute the canned chicken you can find in the tuna fish area for the shredded chicken breasts. I've done that in the past when time was short or budgets tight.

Almost done! Here's where I pour on the enchilada sauce and add the sour cream. You could also add guacamole here too. I didn't have any so didn't add that. I also add more shredded cheese. You could save this shredded cheese and do it over the top, but it wasn't how I was assembling for this version. I've done both.

I then pop into the microwave for under a minute to just melt the shredded cheese. If you'd like you could pop into the oven set at 200 degrees while you assemble the others. The low temp will melt the cheese but shouldn't dry out the tortilla too much. If you're worried about drying out, but it in a pan with a cover.

I leave it up to the individual if they'd like to pour more enchilada sauce on the top of it prior to eating.

We're a family of three and I have enough leftover to make one extra, more if I was less generous in the individual servings. Brandon loves it because he then has a great lunch the next day. I actually only used about 1-1/2 of the chicken breasts in this recipe. I saved the leftover shredded chicken for another meal.

So, is it really a burrito?