Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weekend Houseguests

Wednesday is spinning day in this area. We meet-up at the local Grange and spin for a few hours and if so inclined continue at the Wednesday night meet-up. Yesterday I spun a 'mystery batt' that Tiggywinkleknits had gotten last year at OFFF from Barbara. It had sections of orange, red, white, sparkly red, sparkly gold. I found that it weighed about an ounce.

It's all spun up. While spinning it I found that the intense red and orange dyes wanted to share themselves with me and dyed my hands. ;-) It's still pretty stuff. The plan I think is to spin up the red and orange wensleydale I got from Stitchjones and ply them together. Here's the mystery single:

In other things 'orange' I checked on the peaches that I'm patiently waiting to ripen and found one had fallen to the ground earlier today. Picked one and had one fall while I was trying to find the best spot on the property to watch the Thunderbirds.

While in the backyard found that the wisteria back there is in bloom again. We have another one in the front yard wrapped around the first post along the doorway walk.

The houseguests arrived this afternoon. Their names are Cedi (means penny) and Nickel (aka 'the Yak' or 'the Yeti'). They're australian shepards owned by friend Greta. She's taking her other two dogs, Mellie (border collie) and Nano (border-jack) to a Flyball Tournament up in British Columbia. Their team is the Portland Tail Blazers. ;-)

Work continues on the Transverse Scarf and the Simple Yet Effective Scarf. Some web site design stuff. It's not going to be a quiet weekend with a house full of dogs and the Airshow going on. I have donations round up for the World Wide Spin in Public day coming in from Stitchjones, Abstract Fibers, the Cupcake Factory and Dicentra. Looking forward to September 19th!


  1. The mystery batt spun up beautifully.
    I don't remember wysteria ever re-blooming in a season here. Interesting!
    Happy dog sitting. they look like lively pups. Enjoy!

  2. We were very surprised it bloomed twice also. It's not like the first blooming was wimpy by any means either!