Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dinner out

We spent the afternoon and evening with a bunch of friends. In the SCA they are members of the Iron Ring and Havoc households. So just the three of us from the Golden Bee were there. The original plan was to go to a lunch at Nona Emilia's and then go back to the Bear's house for a white elephant gift exchange.

It was discovered that on Saturday Nona's doesn't open until 4pm. So we met beforehand and socialized then headed over. This is apparently their thing for the holidays to get together as a group and go in garb somewhere for a meal and then the exchange.

If was fun seeing the reactions of people and we had a large enough group that they put us in our own separate room.
Before ordering food. It was a nice couple of hours with dinner and then doing the white elephant. I got a big book of the Complete Edgar Allen Poe works. Brandon had just gotten that particular book as a birthday present from Dawn-Marie, so since no one else stole it from me, I gave it to Sara. She's a teenager and the perfect age to be reading the stories. She did recognize the Tell Tale Heart from reading in a class, so I think she'll like reading the rest of the book. I like encouraging readers. ;-)

On the Hitofude front, I'm working on Chart C. I added a buttonhole, in case I do want to close it in the future. Another perfect button to be found! I knit before we went to dinner, while they were getting the table ready for us and after the gift exchange. Still have a bit of knitting to do before C is done. Maybe tomorrow morning.

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