Sunday, November 3, 2013

Three Mountains Honor Feast 2013

The weekend after DMCT and Boar's Head was the Three Mountains Honor Feast. It's where they honor a long time member of their populace and have their Arts and Science Championship. Baroness Jill and Baroness Dafne competed in the Championship.

I worked on a hat that I needed to have done by that evening for Jose's birthday party. We'd gone to Helena's the night before. I made her a pair of owl fingerless mitts and Brandon made her a lovely box to store pretties in:
 Lid of the box out of Bubinga
 Side out of oak
 Peek inside
 Owl Mitts:

The yarn is just Vanna's Choice in Rust. She squee'd when she got them, and again once she realized they were owls. I think she liked them. ;-)

I worked on Ryan's hat and got it done by court. ;-) Baroness Jill wasn't sure that I was going to make it.
Looks good on him and he's got a nice smile, so I think he likes it. :-) It was fun to make. The pattern is called Scurlera.

There was dancing going on, some rapier, lots of eating during the day and then the feast. We had to leave before dessert was served to get to the birthday party.

The Honoree, Lord Malcom Rudolph macGregor is the gentleman on Baroness Alexandria's right facing out from the table.

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