Friday, November 22, 2013

Sigh...few steps back to go forward

I was working on the cardigan and thought I was about done with Chart B. Was going with the flow and and scratched my head last night but brushed if off and went forward. Yeah. I had followed how the pattern was setup with Chart A, but Chart B increases by two stitches, so some modification has to occur. What does that mean?

I had to tink back 8 rows this afternoon. Sigh.

So with two extra rows shown, here is where I am right now:

I'm snuggled up under my Cascade Lizard Ridge Blanket. Link takes you to when it was finished. It is the right size for one person and couch blanket or I've taken with us camping. I've been alternating using the wool setting and the gentle on the washing machine and purposefully gently felting it. Less snagging issues with dog nails that want to lay on the blanket with me.

Think in January I need to make another blanket for the times I have to wait while this one is in the wash and the dryer. ;-)

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