Sunday, November 17, 2013

Good news!

I wasn't messed up with the instructions for the lower body. The front left and right panels don't line up with the previous work. Just the back panel lines up. Sigh. Wish she could have said this explicitly.

Did the setup Lower Body work while hanging out with Jaime, Dawn-Marie and Brandon at Jaime's house. We had a movie day watching Much Ado About Nothing. We like the Kenneth Branagh version, I think that Emma Thompson does an awesome Beatrice. The Joss Whedon version was fun to watch.

We don't recommend that you try to match them on the amount of drinking they do though! We realized that you would quickly be drunk! Of course if you wanted to have a drinking game, the highest repeated word is - Love, loved, or loving.

After the movie we got out grocery shopping done. If you have a Winco, our local one had a deal where if you spend $150 you got a free Jenny-O or Winco turkey, any size. We brought home a 22 pounder, couldn't find one of the 24 pounders. ;-)

Thanksgiving is down in Corvallis with the family there, yes, the family are all Beaver fans.

After unloading all the groceries, we would have played with Jenna and Heidi online with the Lord of the Rings Online game. We're playing the free and they've both paid. Hope to start paying after the first of the year. They have a new module coming online, Helms Deep, on the 18th, so the servers are all down. Knitting time!

No picture of the progress until there's daylight. So I'll leave you with my Christmas Cactus pic I took a couple weeks ago:
A couple of the buds are a bit bigger and there's more of them on the plant. Don't think it will be blooming still at Christmas, but who knows?  I thought mine might be abnormal, but a few other people have posted on Facebook that theirs are blooming or getting ready to bloom too.

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