Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Finished things

I now have pics of the hat with me wearing it:

So what was he taking a picture of?

I showed my recent stash acquisition from Friday, in there was a couple skeins of a sport/dk weight purple yarn that also happened to be superwash. My oldest niece, Bailey loves purple. So I pulled these two skeins out and started the Making a Memory hat for her. It's a slouchy hat style, she's got long hair so she can stuff it up into the hat if she wants.

I also got the superwash corriedale Knitted Wit yarn done. The roving was called Summer Fun. I had originally thought to do it chain plied, but wanted to see what it would look like as a 2-ply. I had read in Ply about matching the color sections, but since its a superwash, didn't want to fuss with trying to get all the joins back up. So just let it barber pole:

689.6 yards of lace weight. That's definitely shawl material! Yes, its still a little over energized.

I was in that spin thin flow, and had re-organized some of the stash bins. Moved fiber that was in two smaller bins, into one larger bin. Moved sock yarn that wasn't filling a bin into a smaller one. You know, reorganizing. ;-) I didn't want the little batt of one ounce cashmere-camel to get felted/bashed up. So divided it in half and spun it up on two bobbins and then plied it:
 In progress
Comparing to the finished Muted Summer Fun lace
 All done!
Having problems getting that good detail on the close-up. Definitely a lace weight and 135.4 yards of it. I haven't found a pattern that I want to use it with. I have more cashmere and other yummy fibers in my stash, so may be able to add it to those as a finished project to knit up. I think dyeing will also happen. :-)

Okay, I sat down over a week ago and caught things up and spread them over the course of days to publish. Tuesday's post was the last of them, so I'm going to do two to bring things current again. This one and the one that will publish on Thursday. ;-)  Hope you don't mind, but it helps me make sure I post things.


  1. I love the Halloween hat. Your spinning still amazes me. Your yarn's fineness and evenness blow me away.

    1. Thank you Linda! I still get thick and thin areas, plying helps balance things out. The cashmere-camel I was pleasantly surprised to come out pretty evenely. :-)