Thursday, September 2, 2010

DMDT 2010 - pics and video

I've been trying to get posts done, thinking about them a lot count?

DMDT - Shire of Dragon's Mist Defender's Tourney, where there's rapier fighting to determine who will be the next defender of the Shire. Our new Defender is Octavian Silvermoon, in case you were wondering. ;-)

Brandon got a picture of me in the green velvet like (possibly a light velour?) surcote that he cut out of his head from the $3.99 Goodwill fabric:

I think I need a different belt for it....

I worked the front gate from 4-8pm. (Eulalia brought some Hais that was really yummy and I need to try to make myself.) Kind of slow, and the chair totally killed my back. It did let me run into someone that I knew from Boy Scouts, and also William's Scout Master's son, Brian Huffman. He told me he was part of Fire and Steel, but that really didn't mean anything to me until later that night. Oh my!  Here's Brian:

Saturday afternoon there was something called "MOOT", I'm sure someone will eventually let me in on what it stands for....I had Leeloo with us, of course, but Eulalia sat down in front of us and she had, of course, brought her Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Merlin. Merlin is less than two years old and still puppy and was just a little too rambunctious for Leeloo, so she had to keep growling at him to tell him to stay back. I thought it was a little distracting for others around us, so stepped out. Which meant that I missed Brandon receiving a Dragon Scale for his volunteer work in the Shire. He had a lot of people step up and say why they had recommended him. Since I was out, no pictures from me and I haven't seen others post them.

Some Fire & Steel videos are here.  Brian above - here's one of him sword fire dancing:

Our campsite Saturday night before we went off to the Fire & Steel show. Leeloo is bundled up in the black shawl in my lap. I'm enjoying the fire after dinner:

It was a great weekend and we're looking forward to Acorn War in a little over a week.  We'll be camping with a different group than we have in the past.

Bonus - we met up with 'Jose' and he was able to get us our shoe order. The shoes are from Westland Crafts. I have some pretty Tudor shoes and some 14th century Turn shoes that are supposed to look this, but came with buckles as you can see:


  1. love the fire dancing vid - very cool. boots and shoes are neat. Looks like lots of fun

  2. Linda - go check out his whip dancing and the fire breathing competition - amazing! Think they are 4 & 6.

    Both of the footwear need another hole put in them to be wearable. I'm also going to have to stuff the toes of the Tudor shoes I think so that they don't collapse and look odd.

  3. Garb the World is selling Westland Crafts shoes. You can order any style or color, and there are hundreds of pairs in stock, many on sale.