Sunday, September 19, 2010

Susan G Komen Breast Walk Portland 2010 - 20th Anniversary

Ravelry friend, Michelle was short a couple of people for her team and was going to lose that status if she didn't find people. So I checked with Brandon and we agreed to help fill her team. Friday afternoon we met up and went through the Health Expo they were having and for her to hand over our t-shirts and numbers. We scored some nice swag and each won free appetizers from a prize wheel at the PF Chang's booth. I'm also in for a $100 gift certificate, but I'm not holding my breath!

We were up again early Sunday, so that we could get downtown by 8:30 - the 5k co-ed walk started at 9am. We missed meeting up with Michelle and the rest of her Shell's Angels, but we did get over to say hi to Dawn-Marie and Devon (her chi that Leeloo likes). Dawn-Marie was helping her husband out at the Stanley Steemer booth and so we did get one of the bottles of spot remover. They apparently ran out a half hour later, so we were lucky to get a bottle. Thanks Dawn-Marie!

Leeloo ended up walking about 2/3 of the walk. She would have walked the whole thing if she had her way. There were other dogs and some barking. Funniest was when she barked at a reflection of herself in a building windows. Everyone loved that she was wearing pink.
We ran into Denise, she's a survivor of breast cancer and the wife of a co-worker of Brandon's. He didn't get a picture of her though, darn it.
Waiting for MAX to go by

At the end we made a line of teenage girls in green happy. They were volunteers and they were trying to cheer on the walkers and no one was giving them high fives, so I took Leeloo through to high paw them:
I see this got more people started doing it behind us. ;-)
Did mention that Leeloo set the pace? We finished in an hour and thirteen minutes. It was a brisk walk. I'll definitely be feeling it tomorrow!
William ran the co-ed untimed run this morning. We did see him in passing when we got there. So it was a family event. ;-) We'll walk again next year I'm sure.

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