Friday, November 15, 2013

Oh my!

Started out my morning attempting to get the setup done for the lower body of the Hitofude. I re-did the bind off for the neckline three full times. That includes un-doing it twice, but it seems like I did that three times, so it gets confusing. It was definitely too many! The first time was because I just by rote fell into doing a standard bind off when I had read, but not fully read (should have had a cup of coffee before starting!) that the suggested bind off was an Elastic one where she was having you keep in pattern so purl one, knit one, then knit through the back loops those two stitches.

So what amounted to two finished rows took 974 estimated stitches. Doing 71 stitches six times really does add up! Didn't get any further than that because it took me a couple of hours just to get that done. Oh my!

Was asked to be feast steward again for Yule this year. It's a combined one with the Barony of Three Mountains. Cooking meat and helping to organize the potluck foods as they come in. The Baroness of Three Mountains said that its one event that they don't want something special for the high table, so that makes it easy on me.

Came up with the idea of getting the roasted chickens done by Safeway in St. Helens, where the event is going to be held. I talked to the deli manager and she said to come in today to pay for it because they were going to be $5 instead of the regular $6.99. Save $24 by driving there and back? Sure! I can spend it on other things. I have bone-in pork butts and roast beef ordered through Ponderosa Purveyors. There will be pulled porked, chickens, beef and still debating on the turkeys. They are currently in the plan to get a couple, but I may see if I can get a deal on goose or ducks. The plan is to cook the roast on site, it smelled really yummy cooking last year. I did a fresh rosemary, marjoram, garlic, salt and pepper with olive oil thing. Rave reviews by people who usually don't like the meat at events.

Dawn-Marie tagged along with me, so after we were done there we stopped at JoAnn's with my finished Spatterdash mitt. I hoped to find some pretty green, rose and white buttons to finish them. I did find possible ones in white and rose, but might be the wrong season for the spring green. To get the needed 28 buttons, would have cost $9. Thought that was a little spendy, and seems like a reason to take a trip into Portland and visit The Button Emporium.

There was a 50% off coupon burning up in my email, so found a nice lighter weight white linen that I can try making a St Birgitta Cap. Which can then be used under the basis for the more interesting German head coverings. We had also spotted that there were some picture frames that were 60% off and I had recently found the pictures we had done last year that still needed frames. They'll finally find their way into the frames and I can hang them up with all the other family photos. We picked up Brandon from work then took him back to confirm that the approved of the frame style.

Dropped off stuff back at the house and then decided that we would do a sit down dinner since we were early enough instead of picking up fast food. Opted for Izzy's since its a buffet and we'd all find something that we liked. It has been YEARS since we've gone to an Izzy's to eat. Very noisy. The grilled salmon that I had was tasty and so was the salad. The pizzas and desserts were disappointing.

Stopped at the Burgerville for a pumpkin milkshake before they are out of season. I had a Jamba Juice Pumpkin Smash a couple weeks ago. I must say that I preferred the Pumpkin Smash over the Burgerville shake.

Revels was festive with preparations of Yule decorations, new people, Eulalia in garb sharing some smoked pork with a mustard sauce and some rose tea. Conrad dropped by with a couple paper bags of fabric donations. I brought some home and Dawn-Marie did as well. Made sure that Susan took some home for herself and towards dressing bears at Yule, a munchkin event she's helping with. I also got a Dragon's Mist patch to put on my haversack that the Baroness had made me as my 'favor' I posted about.
It's just resting on top of the bag. I still need to stitch it down very carefully! That will be fun to learn how to do. 

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