Sunday, November 10, 2013

One frogged, one started - fingerless mittens in November

I tried to make a pair of fingerless mitts for Bailey. Out of some pretty purple alpaca with a little bit of glitter. The pattern was CanCans. I was disappointed with how the stitch definition came out with the yarn. Wasn't happy, so frogged and found another pattern for the yarn.

Can you see the blue sparkle?
I had seen Spatterdash being queued and thought they looked fun and thought they were also in my queue, until I looked. I had in mind at first one of the de-stash Happy Feet yarns from Friday, but then remembered this odd ball skein of Shibui Staccato that I had gotten in the Rose City Yarn Crawl as one of the 20 first people in. 

The green tones and the splash of pink just not colors that I'm normally attracted. The skein flashed into my mind when I looked at someone's finished project. So when the Cancans failed and before finding the pattern for the yarn, I jumped in and started my pair of Spring Green Spatterdash:

I don't normally want to knit something flat that you're going to wear in the round, but this has been interesting to do. There's a bit of shaping with decreases in the stockinette portion. Adding in the thumb gusset was different. Definitely nice tidy little increases without big holes. I'm a fan of those! 

There's five more of the fan patterns to go, they go quickly, so hopefully one will be done soon. 

Who gets these?  Haven't decided yet. Depends how they come out and if they shout out they go to a particular person. ;-) I need a pair of fingerless mitts for the season, but are they these?

Oh! Had to refresh my memory on a stitch - SSP. I am constantly doing a SSK with the Hitofude pattern, so doing a purl version was a nice twist. How to do it isn't as fast as the SSK that I learned from Lucy Neatby at that first Sock Summit back in 2009. I can't find a good explanation of it. I'll see if I can get Brandon to video me doing it tomorrow. 

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