Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jaime's Birthday Gift.

I have been making things for people and I do enjoy that. But its also impacted my creativity a bit because I guess I haven't felt the appreciation for all of it?  I had kind of promised myself that I would make at least one thing for myself each month before making and giving away anything to others.

I did make the black velvet 12th Night hat for myself, so I'm counting it as a crafty thing. Good thing too! Because I had to come up with a birthday present for Jaime last weekend and I was resisting knitting her something. I really wanted to do it, but couldn't bring it all together to make it happen. So instead, I sewed her a Kindle/Nook/Kobo cover:
Scrap wool pieces that I used to pad the project so it would protect the device.

All sewn together. The window part I had an idea of doing that like the neck opening for my tunic dress, but was having a hard time accomplishing that. Need to go read those instructions again - or make another tunic dress!

All closed up. Found a nice green-ish button. 

What it looks like with my Kindle Fire in it. 
Turns out Jaime has a Kobo. She hasn't been bringing it to many events (I'd seen that she had something like a Kindle at Sport of Kings) because she couldn't hide it. Now she can!

Jaime had a Dr Who themed party and we were all supposed to dress up as something. We couldn't think of any one character, so I used a shirt that was a gift to be "70's" and Dawn-Marie was "50's":
She borrowed my mink cape and silk scarf.

A little blurry, but the best pic. Took a bit of work to straighten my hair out!

Us together. 

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  1. You look very lovely with you hair straightened. I like all the photos. Hope to see some new posts by you. How are your Christmas preparations, by the way?
    Merry Christmas,
    Sophie Day