Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Looking more like a cardigan

This is where it was at yesterday morning. I was bad and forgot to take pics this morning of the progress, so you'll have to wait for tomorrow for the big leap that it will show.
I need two more repeats before starting the growth parts of the front panels. I had planned to get them done today, but that time limit on the Gold Cap discount was putting pressure on me. I took my Human Capitan, Baltwiga through level 13 and got my 30 turbine points I needed to be able to spend 316.

Oh my! It took a lot longer than I thought it would! Had to do some quests as well as some deeds to get the points. Did a quest in Bree and then realized that it did nothing for what I was trying to get done. Refreshed my memory of where things are in town and was able to breeze through some areas because I knew right where to go.

So tonight with the group, I was out in an area that I had inadvertently worked alone this weekend. So I was able to relax and just kill the things we needed to while they hunted for the different items. Getting better about using all the different 'extra' or 'bonus' skills and traits that only become active while using some of the others. Still got turned around, fell over a wall and had to be helped back to the main group a couple of times. Reading the map in fighting moments gets jumbled in my brain and then my mouse skills get me screwed up.

Dawn-Marie wants to come and make some naalbinding needles tomorrow so she can learn how to do that. She has yarns that she wants to make things. Laundry, hair color and woodwork along with knitting. Hope to also get to knit night at Whole Foods. I've missed going!
A few of them are getting closer to blooming!

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