Monday, November 18, 2013

It might be affecting my world view

I mentioned that I've been playing Lord of the Rings Online. The character we started out with is a Hobbit and the Guardian class. So I'm a female tank. ;-) She's been fun to play and it wasn't until the other day playing by myself that I got into a situation where my character actually died. Brandon told me that getting to level 30 before that happened is unusual. Balgilfeda, the Hobbit plays with Brandon, Jenna and Heidi's Hobbits. It's been interesting playing in a larger group. This is my first time doing that.

Oh, yes, on the X-Box when they had those fun Marvel Avenger games where the four of us could all play together I had fun. (I usually played Wolverine, you might sense a theme here.) The camera view of Halo and the coordination I couldn't pull together. So didn't get into the shooter games.

Brandon and I used to play Diablo and Dungeon Siege together on the computers and I missed those days. So it was nice when we were able to get me a laptop that can play LOTRO.

To get more experience we created some elves and we've played with Jenna on those nights that Heidi can't play. It lets the three of us still have fun, but not progress our other characters. She's in the Huntress class and an archer. We had been playing them for a bit that I had to do a mental shift that I was no longer a long range hitter but have to get up close again when playing my Hobbit.

They are bringing out a new area - Helms Deep in the game, so there are some sales on things that you can buy in the store. Some of them are things that you would get if you paid the monthly fee for the game. My budget isn't there right now with the holidays coming up, so will have to wait until after the first of the year to pay for the game. It will also be a test to see if I'm still having fun playing!

My point?  Brandon told me to create ANOTHER character! Just so I could get the turbine points to open up the Gold I can have. I'm really tired of all the messages popping up about it too. So this character might be one that I just play by myself. It's been interesting not playing with others and flying through areas. I have enough experience from the other characters that I know what I'm supposed to do. This one is a Human in the Captain class. It seems kind of similar to the Guardian in that I can take a lot of damage and if I do play in a group, will be the focal point to protect others.

We finally got to see Thor tonight. I'm going what is that Dwarf doing here? This is Volstagg's character. He was awesome looking! I think that the actor they got for Fandral looks like the comic book drawing. Still need to figure out the armoring. I was looking at the partial that Frigga was wearing and trying to decide if she was a leftie or not. It covered her left shoulder and I decided that had to be her shield hand, if she used one. Later she had the sword in her right hand but did do a hit with her left.

We stayed to the very end and saw the little teaser with The Collector.

I'm still working on those 4 repeats of Chart A that are the setup for the skirt of the cardigan. Not as much done today as hoped, maybe tomorrow.

If you want to come play LOTRO with me, or us, let me know!

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