Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cascade Lizard Ridge is Done!

I originally took a class then set it aside for months and picked it up again just before the June 14th WWKiP day event. I thought it would be a good project to work on during that since it is fairly simple. So it has taken just over two months to finish. Not too bad!

I did find that I ended up grabbing a few colors more often than others, but since it was a totally random thing, that happens. I did find that I happened to have a pattern show up, well two really. Both involving yellow (one of those frequent colors obviously!), that I went ahead and made obvious. I had four blocks that started with yellow and four blocks that had yellow and some other color as the ends. So I made sure to pair them up when I was doing the strips so that it was yellow-color-yellow. The other was a yellow showing up in the same place in a block across four so I went ahead and made them all connect up.

I finished up the whole thing with the Brandon requested black border by double crocheting. The original pattern calls for a scalloped border but that was just a little too fussy and required going around the whole thing twice. Um, yea, right, so not going to happen. One nice easy double crochet around and called in done!

I started work on the border Tuesday evening and of course found that having also used the black to do the seaming, I was short by two and a half blocks. Too late to run off to the LYS for more. I picked some up on my way to the Wednesday night Hagen's group and finished there. Quick flash of the finished product to Jeanette, Sharon and Rachel and back into the bag it went for final photography today.

Challenge - photographing a large object without getting your shadow in it and also getting the whole thing in frame. I did get a couple decent shots by standing facing the sun but the best ones were taken by standing on one of the patio chairs and pointing down.

Here you go: