Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bailey's Mitts

Bailey has a "Spider Geisha" costume she wore last year for Halloween and planed to wear again this year. I thought I'd make her some mittens to keep her hands warm but also be part of the costume.

I found a child's basic fingerless mittens pattern and then adapted it to suit my purposes. Cindy came up with using the Vogue Stitchonary's "butterfly" stitch for the spider. Then there was the test knitting. Getting a couple rows of "spiders" done and seeing how they looked. The black knit stitch to define the body wasn't really giving it enough in Brandon's opinion. His suggestion - beads. Well I had pre-strung the black yarn with some lavender beads I had. The original thought was to put some in the wrist ribbing and at the hands. I didn't like how they looked but still had the beads being pushed on the yarn.

Some tinking back a bunch of rows and re-doing the spiders with their new body and these are the mittens that we ended up with:

Some of them work a little better at looking like spiders, I also see butterflies or angels. Yarns used were Knit Picks Essentials black sock yarn and some of the yarn used in Kaisha's Fairy Wings, Filatura Di Crosa Ritratto.

The mitts can be worn as above, but I also included some yarn overs to allow for weaving in some ribbon at the wrists. Not sure how well that idea worked but this is what they look like using some lavender ribbon I had on hand. I think black or silver would work well too:

ETA: Bailey has been reported to 'love' her mitts and is happy that they are also something she can wear during recess. Success!