Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I started the Waffles Scarf using Stitchjones Dyepot Superwash Worsted in the House Blend colorway. A really nice warm brown suitable for any guy to wear. It's been a few months since I've used any of Sharon's worsted weight yarns. This one like the Salmon Dave is squooshably soft. The receiver of this scarf won't mind wrapping it around his neck.

I like that the pattern is reversible. The pattern isn't identical but looks nice on both sides. I'm calling it the House Blend Waffles Scarf:

I'd gotten an email letting me participate in the Tasting Tuesday at Burgerville. So I tried their turkey burger with cranberry and jalapeno salsa (patty was WAY bigger than the bun and that annoys the heck out of me). It was okay, but most likely not something I'd try again. The cranberry bourbon baked beans were much better. I ate some and saved the rest so that Brandon can try them, he likes baked beans. The pumpkin smoothie was like slurping down a pumpkin pie. Went nicely with my pumpkin spice coffee. ;-)

I'll have to wait until next quarter to try for another tasting.

Shipped off the jacob to Mississippi and have heard that the llama is heading this way. My fiber stash bin is overflowing full. I managed to get the lid on but its bulging. Must get more spinning done!


  1. I tried the same things you did today. Agreed on the turkey burger. I like their regular burgers much better. The cranberry and jalapeno would be good with some other things though. I liked the baked beans too, and saved the rest for my guys to try. :) We were on the same wave length I think.

    I like the scarf, and I thought the baby blanket was really cute.

  2. ohhh, so that's why today was the day for having lunch at Burgerville! ;) I hadn't heard about the tasting. Unfortunately I puttered around all morning and was still in my nightie at lunchtime.

    Lovely scarf! Hope to see you tomorrow.