Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Sighs

I had hoped to get Brandon out to the garage today, but hadn't known about his preexisting plans to game with his friend Brent for the afternoon and evening. Sigh, no chance of getting him out to the garage. No learning woodworking.

So while he was out and since I was busy being a host, I've been spinning up the rest of the Garnet that I got from Gail. I was thinking of Chandra and how I talked her out of the alpaca fleece that was on the destash table yesterday. It was a really coarse fleece and she has a skin condition where her skin is really delicate and apparently allergic to lanolin but she wanted to spin the alpaca. I have the cream colored alpaca that I had gotten with the fateful Icelandic shearing. Sigh. I have about 4 ounces in batts that I had thought to spin after I got done with the Garnet. Instead, its going to Chandra. Another one of those, only spin what you want to spin things. ;-)

Tomorrow will be for cleaning the new softer black Icelandic fleece. I deserve to have a good Icelandic experience. ;-) When I find out how much I end up with after washing I can decide if I want to card it with something else. Silk? Merino? Just leave it? We'll have to see how it ends up.

Tonight I taught William how to make my version of Chicken Enchiladas. The ones I posted a while back. He did a pretty good job and he and Brandon will have some as leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Sigh. Now to teach him a few more recipes to have under his belt before he moves out in a few years. I've been having him cook for a few years, but things didn't stick in his head because he didn't see the point in it. He's starting to now.

While Brandon was out William and I tried taking the "Cone of Doooom" off of Norbert but it was only off for about five minutes. Then he was going to try to scratch his neck again. Its starting to heal up so cone again. The medicated wipe was applied followed up with some Caladryl. He has a few more days of his oral anti-fungal that he's been on for the last couple of weeks. The good news is that both of his ears seem to be better. He has been perky enough that he's chasing ball type items and waiting anxiously for her food to be delivered to him.

Off to see about the vinyl stickers for the wheel and getting them on.

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