Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Over 200?!

My Ravelry stash has gone over the 200 items mark. Luckily I think this also includes handspun items and I think its numbers are not totally accurate. Why do I say that? Cause whenever I click on the 'handspun' tab in my stash it always shows stuff that I've used up/gifted/traded in the pics displayed.

Does this mean that I added stuff this afternoon and why I know I just ticked over into 201 items showing? Ummm, yes, it does. ;-)

I was going to get the lovely Crimson from Sharon tonight, but she came to spinning and hung out and knitted on a pretty orange sweater and brought in her worsted weight yarns. I saw Cinnamon that was not shown to its best in the dim lighting of Haggen's last week. It's a pretty red-brown. It just looked so 'manly' and since its intended for a scarf for my dad, will work out really well. Still loved the looks of Crimson and if the budget allowed, totally would be scoring a skein or two of it also.

Here's Cinnamon:

The awesome Gail is also sharing 1/2 of her 1/2 pound of Louet Cultivated Silk Top she scored at SOAR. I plan to blend it with the black llama that is coming from Brenda in Mississippi. Since Angela and Tammy both will want to use the drum carder with their washed alpaca (Tammy you are going to wash yours soon right? ;->), when we rent it from Susan again I'll run it through then.

I spun up one ounce of the Louet Garnet that Gail gave me last week. It's really nice to spin up and I have my fingers crossed that there will be enough for a cowl.

I haven't forgotten its Veteran's Day. Thoughts of various family members who have served in World War 2, Viet Nam and during times of 'peace' in the Navy, Army, National Guard and a classmate of William's is going through advanced training with the Marines.

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