Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Garnet Yarn

I think the best compliment of the evening was from Cindy when she said it looked like it was machine made yarn. I am very proud of how well this came out. I had noticed that I had gotten a pretty consistent single across the two that were done. I did end up with a little more of one than the other, but I didn't get a really scientific half of each part of the rope I separated.

So from 2.4 ounces of 80/20 merino/silk I got 348.83 yards of light fingering/lace weight yarn. Okay, I haven't done the wraps per inch check so don't know exactly the 'weight'.

I'm trying to decide if I want to do the Kernel Scarf again or if there's another scarf out there that would be perfect for this yarn. I've tried doing an Advanced Search in Ravelry using yardage and lace weight. I don't know, I'm not finding any that jump out at me - any suggestions?

Here's what the yarn looks like:

Tried taking a picture of the mitten in progress but while the color is okay, its blurry. Tried taking a picture of the new stuff being spun (Spinning Hill's Corriedale-Finn-Rambouillet in purples) and its blurry and dark. No good camera karma.

ETA: I had Ishbel in mind for the yarn but kept thinking that I had some other yarn that I had in my stash that I would use. I mean I bought the pattern last month with some other patterns purchased, but did I actually add it to my queue? Just checked and it wasn't there and the yardage for the small version is such that I can do this with this yarn!

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