Thursday, November 26, 2009


Brandon baked rolls called Pain Aux Raisins & Cream Cheese Snails. They came out well and we came home with just a couple left.

The drive south to Corvallis was a little tense with the traffic back up on I-5 until after the 205 interchange. Why, I have no clue but it was ridiculous. Why tense? LOTS of pouring rain. I was requested not to look at the traffic, I'm used to driving, can you tell?

Dad's Cinnamon Eton's Scarf was fifteen inches long when we started the drive and after going to and from Corvallis, its now thirty-three inches long. Hopefully this means that I'm half way done with the scarf! Bad flash photo of it on the couch.


After eating dinner and waiting for the games to start I cast on the Baby Cardi. Just have the first eight rows of the collar done. Jeanne was excited to see it started and loved hearing that I had made a Norwegian baby hat. Her side of the family is one hundred percent Norwegian as she put it, so its fun to honor that side for her.

Anyone know what postage is currently? Can I buy some combination that equals 62 cents? Why? I want to get one of these before the book signing she'll have when the book comes out. I also want one of the burning bunnies.  I love her Rachel Morgan series and how the titles are a twist on Clint Eastwood movies.

PS: like my vinyl sticker for the spinning wheel? Holly posted a temp link to her blog and photos of the various designs - check them out here.

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  1. That is really cool, the Kim Harrison key. I just finished the "For a Few Demon's More" I think is the title, and ordered the rest of the books. I am really enjoying them a lot!!

    Those rolls look good. Just the right thing to curl up with a book and some hot cocoa. :)