Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cap Success

I cast off the Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap for Cole tonight. Then whipped up a couple of i-cord ties for it. Pulled out one of the teddy bears to model and a few photos later we have this:


The yarn pooled a bit as you can see but that's okay I think it still works. It's the Bernat Sox. I'm going to wash before I give to them so that it has a chance to soften up. I imagine that Cole is going to have dark hair because Robyn's is dark brown. He'll be able to wear it at Christmas when he receives it.

Robyn has had a difficult pregnancy and had to have her cervix stitched closed. They're taking the stitches out on November 17th. She's supposed to arrive at OHSU with a packed bag as they expect that it might trigger her labor. He would just be a month early. We just hope he arrives healthy!

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