Friday, October 30, 2009

Curious Competition

Darn FaceBook had an ad for Celtic Thunder and I clicked on it and have lost some time listening/watching songs. I stumbled across someone who was doing a comparison of one song Caledonia between Celtic Women and Celtic Thunder. A lot of people thought that Lisa Kelly's version better, but personally I found Celtic Thunder's more stirring.  What's your vote?

Celtic Women:

Celtic Thunder:

Then I love Enya's Orinoco Flow and so listened to Celtic Women's verision:

Enya's version with the original video:

Which do you think is the better version? I'm still leaning towards Enya's but then that might be because I've heard it more often.


  1. The celtic thunder guy's voice annoys me, so I vote Celtic Women. Orinoco Flow sounds lighter to me with the Celtic Women so they get my vote again :)

  2. The quality of the Celtic Women ones is tinny, but when I went to listen to them on my Itunes, it is the same quality. The Celtic Thunder one is much more mellow and easier to listen to. I could listen to the Celtic Women Orinoco Flow much easier though then Enya's. I like all of them though as musicians.

  3. Lisa singing Caledonia will always be the best. Orinoco Flow is a toss up.