Monday, November 2, 2009

Yarn Monday

I love these!

I have been working on Bailey's Fairy Wings. They are all knitted. Then I read ahead and I had to crochet on the funky border. Then I re-looked at that funky border and I had done mine wrong. Not a problem, undid the cast off and tinked back ten rows and un-cast off twenty-five stitches and fixed both wings. Hey, if I'm going to do it wrong, why not to both? Once fixed I started the crochet portion of the wings. They use crochet to give an edge and condense down the number of stitches, giving a 'wing' look to them - use your imagination!

Currently still soaking in the sink are the wings. I need to get them out and block them. I have one wrist band crocheted and will do the other. The back and ties are also supposed to be crocheted and then sewn to the wings. I'm trying to decide if there's a way to combine those two steps. I'm sure there is, or I'll make one might be a better way of saying it. ;-)

I did a little spinning over the weekend. I spun up the single Abstract Fiber, think its Shady Glen, minus the black, 1 ounce bump I had from the Summer of Spinning prize package:

It rested overnight and then I took the time to chain play it into this:

I have 67 yards of it to play with. Not sure what it might become, but it sure is pretty!

Also in the mail is a skein of yarn that I traded my Knitters Without Borders sock yarn I'd gotten at the Yarn Harlot book signing. I wasn't really in love with the color combination together. So it had been languishing in my 'Trade/Sell' area. Sara contacted me from New Jersey and asked about selling it. I took a look at her stash and saw that she had something that might work as a trade. So that's what we did!

I now have Ellie a pretty dark reds and dark orange thick and thin yarn that I think might work out nicely in the Diamonds and Pearls Shawl that I've been wanting to make. Shelia is the designer. I'll show her the yarn on Wednesday at spinning and see what she thinks of it as a yarn possibility.

Well those wings won't block themselves so off I go!

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