Friday, November 13, 2009

FO Friday

I finished up the scarf last night, used up every last bit of the skein too. Was a tiny bit concerned because it was only coming to about 48 inches. A soak in SOAK this morning, roll up in a towel then a bit of a stretch out with the blocking wires and we ended up 9 x 56 inches. Looks great, but by the time it was dry it was already dusk. I might be able to get daylight photos in the morning, until then there are these. Stitchjones House Blend Waffles Scarf:


Tomorrow is the knitting/crochet/spinning event I've arranged at the Aloha Grange. It's also a Spin-in event for the Northwest Regional Spinner's Association. We'll have a variety of vendors for people to be tempted by their wares. I plan to take photos to share tomorrow evening.

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  1. How was the grange event? I had a rehearsal early afternoon, so I didn't make it out to Aloha! Hope it was fun.