Thursday, November 12, 2009

Still a Cone of Doooom

This afternoon a package arrived with my llama in it. I was surprised at how small it was. It easily fit in the gallon bag with no problem. I took it out and looked at it and while there are some little white spots that have me wondering, and a fair amount of vm, it doesn't smell like a barnyard.  A couple of pictures then on to the scale and my 3/4 of a pound turns out to be just over 1/2 a pound. I did jot a note off to Brenda to let her know that it had arrived and she says her scale must be off, so will be sending more along its way.

Next door neighbor, Dwight, of Quiet Bear Flutes, left me a nice surprise on my walkway. A whole bunch of exotic woods that he isn't going to use for his flutes.  Woods like purple heart, pink ivory, olive, some Kauri, I saw some ebony too.

What am I going to do with all of this wood goodness? I'm thinking some spinning tools - wpi gauge, nostepinne, maybe a niddy-noddy or two and hopefully a whole bunch of turkish spindles. I just have to drag Brandon out to the garage to do some more straightening and show me how to use the lathe and a few other dangerous tools. I already know how to use the scroll saw. ;-)

Today we thought was going to be a good day for Norbert. The day he had his buttons removed and no longer would have to wear the "Cone of Dooooom". He had it off for a couple of hours and then the yeast infection that the vet thought was under control under his chin drove him crazy and he scratched a HUGE section under his chin and neck raw. In to the shower he was marched so that he could be cleaned up and then he was re-fitted with "The Cone".

He'd been back to eating well the last week and a half. Tonight he's depressed again and not eating. He's moping on the couch and looking really scruffy after being dried off. He's still a little damp in this shot:

The ear curled back is the one that used to have the buttons. I trimmed up his nose hair so I can see his eyes and keep them from causing eye goop. He's one depressed little guy tonight.


  1. That llama looks so silky! I am SO jealous of your wood turning equipment. I would love a wood shop. Can't wait to see what beautiful stuff you make!

  2. Doesn't llama have the most interesting smell. I was surprised by it. It's not horse and its not sheep... it's llama.
    We're feeling so bad here for Norbert. Do you think yogurt would help him? Will he eat it?