Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Night Knitting/Spinning

Normally we meet on Wednesday nights. Due to the holiday, we postponed until Friday night. We were a much smaller group than normal due to that, but we still had fun!

Beth brought her new Fricke S-160-ST spinning wheel and had fun spinning up some of Susan's fiber. Karen is still nursing her left shoulder and not knitting but kept everyone company. Duffy was working on a scarf for the boss to the Civil War game, we'll try to forgive that he's a Duck. Go Beavers! She switched to a lace project by the looks here. Cindy was knitting another Traveling Woman shawl out of her own handspun. It's going to be gorgeous!

Bobbie is going to knit up a  few of the Mikey Cap's for relatives and making notes of the significant modifications she made to the pattern. Sara had made some awesome Bella's mittens and was working on a fingerless pair out of some leftover yarn.

Gail was working on the gorgeous Gail's Gold silk-pygora (yes it is named after her!) from Rainbow Yarns. I love the colors in the Copper that Gail also has. (Sorry, they're updating their stock after SOAR, so you'll have to check back to see the colors Terry comes up with her pygora.) When I can afford some I'll be buying up 8 ounces of this luscious stuff. (It might be a while before that happens - its sells quickly!)

Holly was there too, but she was sitting right next to me and so I couldn't twist the camera right to get a picture of her too.  She came to talk about using hand carders with some alpaca that turned out better than originally thought. She was very sweet and before leaving gave me one of the Tudor Rose designs for my bobbins. I'll put the stickers on them tomorrow.

If you couldn't tell it was a little chilly in there tonight. Not sure if the heater was totally turned off, or like last year, there was cold air blowing out the vents. Since they changed the lighting in the center area, we'll try sitting there next week and see if its less cold.

Gail said her ears were cold - I'd snuggle up to the pygora too!

PS: if you're planning on doing any shawl knitting in the future, take a look at this cool spreadsheet that Marnie put together to figuring out stitches and yardage for patterns that increase by four stitches every other row - lots do it this way! Totally geeky and she rocks! Go download your free copy, you know you'll want it. It lets you adjust so if a pattern calls for 400 yards and you only have 350 you know how many rows you'll get.

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