Monday, November 23, 2009

Fall Day

The left mitten is all done. The tip is bound off and then there was the fun picking up the thumb stitches and doing the thumb pattern. The chart doesn't show having side stitches but the picture does. So went with the picture and then did the chart.

No pictures of the finished mitten though. I want to wash it and balance out the area around the thumb. Some stitches wanted to really loosen so hoping that a soak will even things out. We'll see tomorrow. ;-) Interesting thing to note about this pattern - the pictures don't match the chart for the back of the hand. The finished pictured mitten shows a one and a half stars and the charts have you complete two full stars. They also don't give any instructions on how to do the decreases, so all those sock toes came into play with a k2tog & ssk on either side.

Cast on for the second mitten and will work on it also tomorrow, along with laundry, dishes and the like. Need to get library books all gathered up so that I can send them off with Brandon. We're working with one main car so unless I take him to work, I'm at home. Lots of families are doing it, and so other than the the reduction in insurance, gas expenses, etc, I just have to get him used to the idea.

Don't worry about the scarf, it will get some work this week. I plan on taking it in the car on the trip down to Corvallis and back. I'm sure there will be other down time I can work on it while talking with people. I'd really like to have the second mitten done before Thanksgiving.

While I was doing the dishes this afternoon I looked out and it was kind of a normal fall day for the area. Many people are depressed by the cloud coverage, but for me its fall. So I took the camera out and took a picture of what I was looking at through the big maple in the back yard.

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