Saturday, November 14, 2009

Spinning & Knitting Event

Last night I took time to make some Buttermilk Orange-Cranberry Scones. I used this recipe as the basis for them. I also had a box of Krusteaz Scone Mix that I baked up. Made an orange glaze for the one and brought a jar of raspberry jam for the other. I was told they were good. I was busy helping, checking and encouraging people to buy things that I had a hard time drinking the coffee I brought! Susan asked about the jam and was raving how good it is that I sent the half jar home with her with the request of a return on the jar and ring.

Moving the tables around this morning for the vendors and moving the chairs out of the way was exciting as they were walking in to get setup. They were great and pitched in and helped. Took a bit of re-arranging of the normal space but it all worked. Vendors lined up around the outside and spinners and knitters in a big circle on the inside.

Everything was all setup by 10am and then it was just waiting for people to show up. It started a little slow and I never did do an official head count but I think 40-50 people were there through the day. We had people that just came in and shopped the vendors and then off to other events and some that came/shopped/left/came back and spun. I think that all the vendors had sales of some kind and definitely recovered their $5 table fee. ;-)

I ended up coming home with 8 ounces of gorgeous black Icelandic fleece that is going to more than make up for my previous experience in the spring. Its so soft!!!  It's from Ann's farm - Dolce Farm. We may do a 'field trip' up there in April to help skirt her fleeces when she does her shearing. (Oh no! Playing with sheep!)

Zena is the lamb this came from.

I picked up a vinyl sticker from Holly. She's starting a business to help you 'trick out your wheel'. StoneCairn is her design name but looks like the website is in holding right now.  My sticker is called Triad Dance and I'll try to get it on my wheel tomorrow so you can see. She has very nice instructions for how to place it.

We had a destash/swap table and Duffy brought a bunch of coned yarns that had been given to her. I saw it and immediately thought of my mother-in-law the weaver and that she could possibly use some for her loom. Left vm and she did show up later and take home a couple of cones that talked to her. I had a couple of huge balls of dusty rose 2ply unknown yarn talk to me. We did a burn test and the flame zipped right up the yarn until I blew it out because it was getting too close to my fingers. There was a little ball at the end so we all agreed it might have a little wool but it definitely had a nylon type source to it. I'll add it to my Ravelry stash but won't bore you with the awful flash photos here.

Tammy brought some of her stash and I quickly snatched up two skeins of Sock Candy in Blue Boo. It's a cotton/nylon yarn in pretty purple/blue/rose colors. Also seen as a stash addition. Looking forward to the socks they'll become!

Photos of the event:

Glady's the Therapy Dog. She was so good! She just chilled on her blanket.

I managed to get in a half an hour of spinning. Talked to a lot of people. Gave away great door prizes - thanks to all the vendors who shared! There were a lot of helping hands that helped put all the pieces back to the way the originally were and everyone was out of there by 4pm. Well except Shelia, Tammy and I. Brandon had the car at work and I had to wait for him to come get me, so they nicely hung out with me until he arrived. This gave me time to pick Shelia's brain and get Tammy's thoughts on different wood stuff related to spinning. Oh the ideas I have and now I just need to be let loose in the garage and some help from the dear husband and you might see a new business out of me. ;-)

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