Thursday, November 19, 2009

Book Signing

Tonight was the book signing for book 12 of the Wheel of Time series - The Gathering Storm. The original author of the series died in 2007 from cancer leaving I imagine millions of people devastated because the series wasn't finished. Then news came out that "Robert", James, before he died had left lots of notes and even written the ending to the series and that his wife, Harriet, and editor was going to find an author to finish the series for all of his fans.

That author is Brandon Sanderson, who we found out tonight became an author working with TOR because of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.

My Brandon started reading the series when he was in high school and much like the author Brandon both were enticed by the size of the first book in the series - HUGE. Brandon got me started reading the series back in 2000, so I haven't as much time invested but was still upset when I learned about RJ's death.

Brandon Sanderson:

The Brandons:

The swag, two bumper stickers:

While listening to the talk and while waiting for it to start, I took along the Eton's Scarf that I'm doing in Stitchjones Dyepot Worsted, colorway Cinnamon. I love this reddish-brown. The pattern is ultra simple and reversible and is going to make a great scarf for my dad:

Not really showing the awesome color because Brandon wasn't using the flash. I think I have at least another inch or two more from this point.


  1. OMG, did you see me, Angela, Sara and Rachel C. walking through powells on our way to New Moon??? It was about 9:30ish. Weird, I totally saw all these people waiting around to get their books signed.

  2. Missed that! I think we might have been out of there by 9:30-ish. I honestly can't remember. Hope you guys had fun!