Sunday, November 29, 2009

WIP - Cole's Baby Cardigan

I moved beyond the neck ribbing with Cole's baby cardigan. Started the raglan increases and have them to the point of moving the sleeves off to holders. All while working with a migraine, because due to what I'd like to get done for gift giving, no time off for pain.

There was the mindless playing of FarmTown and succumbing to the lure of buying a second farm and setting it up. Moved things from the first farm over to the second farm. Silly time wasting things. Along with trying to get the wish lists off to family so they can do their shopping.

Tomorrow is for making some Cranberry Chutney to include with gift bags. I'm not going to include the pecans though because nuts are not always safe. Might even get lucky and finish Cole's cardigan.  

1 comment:

  1. sorry for the migraines! You got a lot done on the cute sweater. I like that yarn.