Sunday, November 22, 2009

November Spinnerati

I picked up Cindy, missed Beth at the Hillsboro Main Library, and headed down to the Portland Central Library for this month's Portland Spinnerati meeting.

Duffy had planned to share some of her learning from the class she had at SOAR with Judith MacKenzie McCuin. This caused our big circle to break up into two circles - one listening to Duffy, the other having separate chats. ;-)


Rachel excited and ready to learn ;-)

Everyone else saw the camera and made like they were really busy. We came back together as a bigger group for the last half an hour. Duffy's group said that they did learn a lot. I'll catch her on a Wednesday night when I'm in a learning mood. ;-)

I took 18 cupcakes with me and came home with 6. Those that ate them and were commenting, did say that they were yummy. I agree! The boys will suffer through and help eat the rest. There were 14 people attending, so a pretty good showing. Hopefully more people will be able to attend the December meeting in a couple of weeks, again on a Sunday.

I finished up one bobbin of the Spinner's Hill Purple and started the second bobbin. Hope to get the rest done this week. Not sure what I'll spin up next. I have some lovely fibers just waiting to be spun up, I feel truly fortunate!

PS: for those of you who read yesterday's post, the pics have been updated. I got rid of the dark or blurry photos and swapped out with ones I took this afternoon taking advantage of the late afternoon sunshine. Check them out. ;-)


  1. Well, don't you want *someone* to be excited about being at the meeting. Everyone else looks bored out of their minds.

  2. Sorry I missed it! It was a guitar/singing afternoon.

    What's the date on December? (that month is stacking up wildly, too)

  3. In case any other locals are checking - December 6th is the next meeting.

    I wasn't sure about being bored. I was noticing the dodge from looking at the camera going on. It was a little early in the meeting wasn't it for bored? ;-)

    Did you learn anything new and useful?