Friday, November 6, 2009


I spent too much time Thursday night trying to have a long enough tail so that I could do the German Twist Cast On for the Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap. I can't tell you how many attempts it took to get 121 sts cast on my US 2 needles. Then I did the half inch of garter stitches and was looking at the size. I mean it really should have sunk in after I joined the sucker together that this was going to be way too big for a baby's head. After all the needles were 24 inches long and I'd joined the stitches and was knitting in the round. Up to my head, sure enough it would fit me. Sigh.

Did some snooping in completed projects and noticed that everyone was referring to Yarnosaurus' math, so searched for her and found the info. Very nice lady had figured how to do the math based off your gauge. Umm, gauge swatch? So I looked at the stitches on the needles and figured out that casting on 89 or 90 sts would work for me. 

Still feeling the pain of the many cast on attempts I tried to just take off 31 sts and go from there. Well I did it and then was again at the point of completing my garter stitch section when I saw that I must have been distracted on the second row and had a half inch of stockinette where it didn't belong. Restrained myself from pitching it across the room. Heaved a big ole sigh and started tinking back after I marked with yarn my goal area.

I brought it to Revel and was still tinking when I realized that really I just needed to start over. Yea, frogged it and recast on 89 stitches. Managed to not frak up the garter rows and successful did one row of the increase/decrease and the knit round before it was time to clean up and come home.

Hiccup of project hopefully over and the rest of this cap should go on its merry way. (Please don't let me have jinxed it with that statement!)

This week I was supposed to have been sewing. I pulled out all my leftover flannel baby scraps and found that I had three large pinwheel blocks leftover when I made Corbin's quilt. I had block like pieces from leftovers from the quilts I made for Jenna and Madeline. I didn't want to do anything with any of them. Corbin's was made when he was a year old and intended to go on his 'big boy' bed not his crib. The girl's quilts while done in yellow, green, purple and white, didn't give me a 'boy' vibe to the colors. Even if I left out the the purple.

Tonight before Revel Brandon and I stopped at JoAnn's. I'm totally cheating on this quilt. I bought some fabric that are flannel and chenille squares already sewn like a quilt. In a nice green tone with little monkey faces on some of the flannel blocks. Found a monkey flannel for the backing and some batting. Now I just have to have it all sewn together and quilted before 1pm tomorrow morning. The shower is at 2pm. Guess I should toss the fabric in the wash so it can be dry tonight and get up early to sew in the morning. It should sew up quick, but then that baby cap should have been done and over with by now too!

Oh! Thanks for Linda and Michele confirming that the jacob should find a new home. A nice lady in Mississippi is trading me 3/4 of a pound of picked and cleaned black llama. Now to figure out the easiest/best way to package it so it can get shipped to her. I also need to wind off the stuff on the bobbin so it can go too. I've never spun llama so it will be something new for me.

Here's to no more project hiccups!

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