Friday, November 20, 2009


I ended up frogging last night the start I had on my Selbuvotter mittens in the stylish name of NMH #12. (It's a Ravelry link, if you don't have access - why not?) A nice double star pattern on the front and a diamond pattern on the palm. Why did I frog? Sport weight and what ended up being light fingering weight and a little too much tension. So back to the stash and found another sport weight to use in the place of the variegated. The size 3 needles were also coming up with a larger mitten.

So after my father picked up his computer bright and early this morning, I re-cast on with the US 2 needles and we are a happy camper. I popped out while there was still light and just a light sprinkle:

Can't really tell that the color is a pretty wine burgundy color can you?

I of course have been working on it since that photo and working on the tension. You can see that the little zig-zag row above the ribbing is a little tight. I've been working at keeping the tension even. After the point above I turned it inside out and have been knitting it that way. I've found in the past that it helps with the tensioning.

I turned them right side out to show where the progress is at this point - the thumb opening is on waste yarn and I have half of the bottom star done:

 Palm, can kind of see where the waste yarn is a few rows down from the needles.

A slightly better picture of the Cinnamon Eton's Scarf. I haven't worked on it today.

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